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Dear Dr.Phillips:

I just read your book and am excited about the prospect of trying the program.  There are a number of mouthwashes whose ingrediants are identical to Listerine (such as the Walmart brand) which bears the ADA seal of approval. May those be used in place of Listerine? Also, flossing is barely mentioned in your book and not apparently a part of the program.  Is there a reason for that apparent omission?  One last question I am using a Sonicare toothbrush is that adequate and do you recommend that the gums be brushed as well as the teeth. Thank you for any information.


Hi S,

Thanks for your message I hope you try the system of rinses I recommend five or more exposures to xylitol during the day.

I do not recommend substitute rinses, unless you live in a country where the ones I suggest are not available.
For the bit extra you will have a better product. There is no comparison between ACT and Equate the active ingredients may be the same, but the inactive ingredients are what makes the rinse “cling” to teeth and work

Once you are committed to this system you can stock up when products are on sale. Please make sure you have correct products it is easy to get confused among all the choices of toothpaste!

Listerine is available in large bottles and Target has great prices on ACT anticavity rinse. Crest sometimes surfaces at Dollar stores, and Wegmans have been putting it on sale perhaps for us!!

Closys is only available through dentist offices, on line or at Walgreens. Dentists can get large bottles, but Walgreens often have it on sale. Ask the local store manager to help you!

I recommend a kit from us perhaps the first time to ensure you have everything exactly as needed.You can save the empties and take them to the store to “match” with your next purchase!

As for flossing it is important to understand that cavities and gum disease are caused by bacteria a bacterial disease.Xylitol will slowly eradicate the disease from your teeth and finally from your entire mouth and saliva. That’s what I call clean!!

Imagine you have a tooth-shaped rock in your garden and it is covered in moss and crawling ants.
Do you think the best way to clean it is with a length of rope that you rub up and down the side of the rock? or… would you prefer to loosen up the moss (as xylitol loosens plaque and makes it less adhesive) and use a
really great power spray to remove the debris?

If you want to floss I suggest you only floss if your gums are in good condition and do not bleed. I worry about opening up wounds and allowing bacteria to enter the blood stream from this wound. If you floss, do it first before you start my mouth rinse routine so you do not interfere with the way the routine works.

When avid flossers start to use my routine they are always amazed how much cleaner their teeth feel and become.

Hope this helps,
Best wishes,

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