I love your system!

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been using your complete mouth care system for the last 6 weeks and I’mvery pleased with the initial results.  My mouth has never felt so clean.  I wasn’t getting enough Xylitol from solely eating your Zellies mints so I bought packets of granular Xylitol and I’m planning to put it in my bottled
water throughout the day so I can get my 6-10 grams.  Is there such a thing as too much Xylitol?  What if I had 20 grams a day?

I’m a 31 year old male who has been plagued with dental disease his entire life.  I have fillings in almost every tooth, 4 crowns, and 1 root canal. My dentists have always blamed this on my lack of flossing.  Its nice to know with your complete mouth care system that I’ll finally be able to
control the health of my mouth/teeth moving forward. 

Also, I’ve bought your book on Amazon and I’m almost half way through.  My girlfriend tells me I’m obsessed with my teeth.  🙂 

On to my question…

In October of 2009 (well before I used your system) I had a large onlay fall out of tooth #19.  I went to a new dentist the next day to have it fixed. She felt it was best to prepare the tooth with a crown rather than do another on lay.  I went ahead and had the tooth prepared for a crown and had
a temporary crown put in place.  After the temporary crown was placed, the tooth was extremely pressure sensitive, but not hot/cold sensitive.  Iassumed it was because the crown was “temporary” and waited for the permanent crown to be placed.  After the permanent crown was placed the pressure sensitivity got worse and the tooth became very hot/cold sensitiveas well.  10 times a day the tooth would “zing” me as if I was chewing on tin foil.  I called my dentist numerous times to tell her of my discomfort and all she told me was take advil and be patient and that it would improve over time.  After 6 weeks I decided to find a new dentist.  My new dentist saw nothing wrong with the xrays of the tooth and said my only option was to get a root canal through the crown. I went ahead with the procedure.  The hot/cold sensitivity went away right away and I no longer felt the “zinging”sensation, but the tooth is still extremely pressure sensitive.  I can’tchew anything harder than soft macaroni without feeling sharp pains.  I had the root canal back in December and I’ve been patiently waiting for the tooth to go back to normal, but it hasn’t.  The only problem left is the pressure when biting on anything.  I’m getting impatient and want to be able to use my entire mouth again.

I want to have the tooth extracted and have an implant placed.  My new dentist is very hesitant to pull the tooth and says my only other option isto have an Apicoectomy.  I don’t feel like wasting another $1500 (or whatever the cost for the procedure) just to be left with the same pain in the tooth. He is also telling me to wait and eventually the tooth will go back to normal.  I’ve had 4 crowns and none of the others have felt like this. Could my tooth be cracked?  Does it sometimes take a year or two for a tooth to go back to “normal”?  Do you have any recommendations?  When do you
give up on a tooth and have it extracted and replaced with an implant?  
Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi G,

Thanks for your message, I will try to answer each of your questions. I am thrilled you like the new feel of your teeth you are on the road to success!!!

Can you have too much xylitol?

Xylitol is safe is any quantity, has a low glycemic index and stabilizes blood sugars so my recommendation could be that “any quantity is fine”. On the other hand, there is no need for tons of xylitol.

*    At 10 grams xylitol a day your dental benefits will not be increased by more ( 10 grams a day will give you maximum dental benefits it is called a plateau effect).

*    Research shows frequency and timing may be more important than the total quantity.

*    If you nibble xylitol ( as people do with my mints) they get lots of change and positive benefit.

For a diabetic, xylitol provides a safe sugar for baking and for osteoporotic patients 20 grams a day is recommended by doctors. Many of my patients (and friends) consume Zellies daily at a rate of between
10 and 20 a day and have done this for years and years. They have only experienced health benefits no sore throats etc. and great teeth!!!

Too much?? The down side of xylitol in quantity can be the effect that comes from
xylitol as fiber in the intestine. This is rare if you eat one gram of xylitol six times a day, after meals.
Some people have unbalanced intestinal flora these are the people who seem to be intolerant of this amount. I suggest to these folks to work to overcome this problem. I suggest they combine xylitol with probiotics to
re-establish a healthy intestinal bacteria which will provide them multiple general health benefits.

Now your crown !…..This is a very clinical question so I cannot give you any advice about your particular problem.  I do have personal views on root canal treatments, however.

Root canals: It is essential that a root canal treatment remove all bacteria from a dead or infected tooth and prevents reinfection. This sounds simple but is VERY difficult to do.

I always recommend root canals are done by total experts in this field I send my friends and family to a brilliant endodontist and tell them to pay the $1,000.

I believe a perfect root canal may be the difference between general health and general inflammation in the body for the rest of your life. It is also critical to have a good crown on this treated tooth ASAP after
the root canal has been completed.

Your tooth: It sounds as if you have done this. Perhaps your problem may be about occlusion how this tooth bites together with the opposing one. Can you find another dentist to check the bite on this crown for you????  Ask if there is any sign of bone infection around the root of this tooth they can easily tell this from a simple X- ray Your dentist may not want to redo his crown or something????

Apicectomy: I would be very nervous about having an apicectomy without a good reason for example
infection at the end of the root. Your dentist should be able to show you an X ray and an area like a big
black balloon at the end of the root. If you have infection, an apicectomy MAY be an option ( Note: the biology of apicectomy concerns me) .

A dentist should not do an apicectomy unless it is the last option when you know the problem is infection in the bone. Personally if you have this kind of infection I would think about removing the tooth and have an implant. But make sure you see infection first don’t lose a tooth if all you need is some bite adjustment!!

If you don’t want to get a second opinion or cannot go to a dentist: my advice would be to think about taking nano silver solution.Silver is a very interesting way to “mop up” infection in the body.

Gordon Pederson is a doctor who has a book about silver very interesting….I forget the title. I suggest you look into nano silver as a way to help (internally) rid your body of residual infection in this tooth.

If your bite is the problem, someone needs to adjust this maybe shave down or in some way alter the height of this crown. To do this you will need a dentist (silver will not help a crown that is too big for your bite!)

I hope this helps sorry the answer is long, but these were tough questions to answer!

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Rochester, NY 14623

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  • Muscle_Burst says:

    "I'm a 31 year old male who has been plagued with dental disease his entire life. I have fillings in almost every tooth, 4 crowns, and 1 root canal."Don't feel alone, at age 25 I had 4 root canals already. Maybe I'll start increasing my xylitol intake too. I usually take about 6 mints a day at .5g of xylitol, that's 3gs a day.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I'm sorry we did not meet thirty years ago – I have been preaching my message since 1970, but I congratulate you on finding my blog and taking action!Oral health is vital for general health – and don't think fillings are the answer – they do nothing to stop dental disease. Cavity-forming bacteria are in saliva – so we need to clean saliva – then your teeth will be clean!I need to change your mindset about looking after your teeth! – And change your mindset about cleaning your teeth! Every time you eat xylitol, you eliminate some of the harmful bacteria in saliva. Every time……no matter how small the amount of xylitol you eat! You need at least 5 exposures a day – and the more the merrier (as they say!) Studies have shown that you need a minimum of 5 grams xylitol a day – (although I wonder if they took frequency into account in older studies). To be sure of success , I suggest you add some extra xylitol to your day. Iin addition to the mints you are taking, get granular xylitol ( available in most health stores and on Zellies.com website) and add a teaspoon of this each day – to your cereal, on fruit, in yogurt as a snack…..even in a bottle of water to drink or sip during the afternoon at work! This way you can easily increase your xylitol intake – and be sure you have covered all the bases!Do consider my Complete Mouth Care rinses and toothpaste that are explained on http://www.CleanWhiteTeeth.com This method uses o-t-c products that are readily available in Walgreens and other drug stores – together they will help repair weakness in your enamel and safely strengthen and whiten your teeth. Please let me know of your success in a few months – so we can pass along your message to other people who are suffering ……… Best Wishes, Ellie Ellie Phillips DDSwww.CleanWhiteTeeth.comwww.Zellies.comDental Health for Everyone!author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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