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I will try and answer below the questions:

Question 1: if one goes through the system for 6+ months  and is essentially s mutans free from a caries perspective, how long does the effect of the xylitol last? …….For example if the patient
stopped taking xylitol. I read the effects in kids even after the mother and kid stopped xylitol still had less s mutans 2 year after stopping. I am thinking of very low risk patients who just wants to have excellent oral health so they  use the xlitol for 6+ month & then decide to stop?

A. I agree with you 100%!
There it is research to show that xylitol and fluoride used synergistically will benefit people with good oral health. There is also research to show the long term effects of xylitol. For someone with good oral health the benefits will easily last two years…. or more. Some studies have shown life long ongoing benefits. Of course, benefits are greatest when xylitol is used before the eruption of molar teeth, which makes preschool and teenage years so important.

Question 2- What is the shelf life of Zellies granular xylitol?Properly stored, close to 1 year or close to several years?
A. 2-3 years maybe more.

Question 3- your system, 2 x per day 12 hours apart. The other times one brushes ( I brush 4-6x/day because I eat that frequently) you still like the pre-brush with ClO2 or not, what do you do in these situations?

A. I understand your question, but I do not recommend my system is used too often: twice, maximum three times a day. Personally, I find twice a day sufficient and believe that more than three times a day can lead to sensitivity and perhaps negate benefits. I recommend rinsing with water after meals or brush with some ACT rinse on your toothbrush. Zellies xylitol gum is another option to clean teeth after eating.

Question  4- correct order no rinsing with water between go from Closys to brushing to Listerine to ACT. I have always run water over the toothbrush prior to adding the paste then I put the brush with paste on it under the water then proceed to brush you avoid this it sounds like? A dry brush with dry paste no running under the water before going to the mouth or makes no difference?

A. I wet my toothbrush with water before I put on toothpaste. The sequence of rinses is designed so that you do not rinse off between each stage. This is because the Closys prepares your teeth for brushing. The Listerine prepares your teeth for ACT. They work like puzzle pieces, one fits with the other enhancing the outcome, but I would not like a dry toothbrush!

Question  5- ” You would get benefits from xylitol if you just swish it around your teeth and spit out.” I have no problem consuming it, but the STRAIGHT granular form (without adding it to  water) and just keep swishing it around a few minutes in the saliva will suffice, right?

A. You are correct! Xylitol will work in any form even a tiny amount dissolved in saliva. You need to nibble xylitol! The effects of xylitol are the exact opposite of the effects from sugar.
Perhaps this helps me to explain why xylitol works.If you nibble sugar, you feed harmful bacteria each time. This allows harmful bacteria to grow, multiply, damage teeth, form plaque each time teeth are exposed to sugar. The more often you have sugar, the more plaque and damage you will have.

If you nibble xylitol, you feed harmful bacteria frequently BUT with xylitol! Xylitol prevents them from growing;  prevents them from multiplying and prevents them from damaging teeth. So….less plaque and plaque becomes easier to remove with rinses. Little and often! Frequency is important for xylitol  any form;  granular swished / swallowed…. Or any form to suit your lifestyle!

I hope I’ve done a good job with these answers!
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