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I am addicted to sugar.  I love everything about the sweet sensation of candy.  I recently visited my dentist and he told me that I have a cavity in every tooth.  Are my teeth doomed?  Can I get rid of cavities without having root canals done?  I was reading your website and you said that certain
products such as xylitol can starve the bacteria.  Can these bacteria just die without fillings or root canals?  I’m constantly flossing and brushing after almost every piece of food entered in my mouth except during work hours.  I used that listerine mouthwash but read that it gives a risk for
cancer.  I’m rinsing in ACT which is alcohol free.  My main question is: how the heck can I get rid of these cavities?



Hi sugar addict! The best news for you is that sugar is not a problem!

If you read my website or books, you will discover the truth about teeth. The only way that sugar hurts teeth is that it feeds plaque bacteria making them multiply, sticky and produce acids (which dissolve your

You have to starve these bacteria, destick from your teeth and stop them
from producing acids. Xylitol can do all these things BUT you need at least one teaspoon of xylitol each day or it will not work.

If you have 6 grams of xylitol each day for six months you will eradicate the harmful plaque bacteria that cause cavities. If you follow my directions and use the mouth rinses in the order I recommend you will stop the cavities getting worse and possibly reverse the damage to your teeth.

I cannot make promises because I have not seen your teeth but it is possible to reverse cavities sometimes completely. The routine I recommend cannot be altered and it will not work if you change or leave out parts of the system. If you use the Listerine in the way I recommend it will be safe and will help heal your teeth.

Candy is not the problem mouth acidity and disease bacteria are the problem. Make sure you clean your toothbrush every day and think about the people with whom you share food or kiss. This is a contagious, transmissible disease! Get them all on xylitol!

You can add a teaspoon of granular xylitol to a bottle of water and sip it through the day. This will give you 4 grams of xylitol.You can eat a couple of Zellies mints or gum after things that you eat or
drink particularly sweet or acidic things. Try the fruit Zellies they are delicious!

Good luck and let me know how things go: If you stick with my system maybe you can WOW your dentist at your next visit!
Best Wishes,

ElliePhillips DDS


Hello Ellie,

I went to the dentist in June 2009 and he told me I had a cavity in every tooth.  I visited him in early June 2010 and he said I that I didn’t have any cavities!  Thank you!  Is there a chance of me getting cavities again with the absence of xylitol?  Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi MM,

What terrific news! I am not surprised….. but I’m glad you were!!!!

Please stay on the complete program every day. You mentioned in your first e-mail that you like sugar, so I’m going to assume you still like sweet things. Why not continue to protect your teeth? Using my complete mouth care system is so easy (morning and night) and each year it will take your teeth to a higher level of oral health.

People are learning how many general health problems are connected with oral health. Your new healthy mouth is going to help your general health for the rest of your life. I feel honored to have been included in this process!

I beg you not to stop taking xylitol. Xylitol keeps your mouth in balance no matter what. If you no longer wish to eat mints and gum every day you can get granular xylitol from a health food store. You can mix and match a mint, a piece of gum, a sip of xylitol in water. It doesn’t matter just get five exposures a day, and do the mouth care system morning and night.

I’m so excited for you …….this is terrific news!!

Please keep in touch,

Best wishes,

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