Toothpaste & gum sensitivity

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I recently bought your book and all of the ingredients for your dental regimen except for the toothpaste.  I am using Squigle toothpaste, because it contains sodium fluoride (in the same concentration as regular Crest), silica, and 36% xylitol as well.  Crest, on the other hand, contains SLS and sorbitol, which you say in your book is not a good thing.

My teeth are looking better, but I continue to have chronic gum sensitivity in one spot near an old filling.   I am using granular xylitol in water, as chewing gum disturbs the painful spot.  Do you think using Crest instead of Squigle will resolve this problem?

I am a 53-year old disabled woman with serious enamel problems from malabsorption.

Thanks for your help.


Hi K,
It was so nice to hear from you and I’m glad he you enjoyed my book and that it was helpful to you. It is hard to know exactly why the ingredients in my “recipe” for dental health works so well.
I believe it is a lot like a cake recipe because changing just one ingredient can make such a difference. I have tried to study the biology and chemistry in enough detail to understand what is happening so I can explain the system to others.

Unfortunately I don’t have a clinical testing laboratory nor do I have any way to fully examine products side-by-side. 
I know my system works I know it can reverse damage to teeth and gums in an almost miraculous way. I also know that when people have used wrong methods, inaccurate products(even a beloved toothpaste)their results have been compromised.
To this point, when people use my system properly know of nobody nobody at all who was not successful!

On the other hand when I talked to somebody new on my system and if they are not really enthusiastic I always find an error in their method or they have not understood the process. For this reason I would make certain the following small details:

1.) Use Closys mouth rinse before you brush.
Do not add flavoring to Closys but use this rinse because it is important for your damaged enamel.
Closys is only available in Walgreen drug stores, through dental supply companies (who supply dentists) or on our website.

2) Also ensure that you are having at least 5 to 7 small, separate exposures to xylitol each day.
Since the book was published, we have discovered that frequency of xylitol exposure is possibly more important than the actual amount.

If you have approximately 1 g of xylitol six times a day you will be both at the optimal dosage and sufficient frequency. 
The best time is at the end of the meal after a drink or after snacks.
You can add xylitol to water and sip this or just eat a tiny amount off the end of a spoon.
I recommend Zellies mints in fruit or mint flavor they are delicious and easy way to have a little xylitol after meals.

Finally, I suggest you purchase Crest regular toothpaste. I am aware of Squigle and I have used it myself as an experiment. I advise you to do the same kind experiment that I did.
Puts your Squigle away for 2 to 3 weeks and use my system exactly as I recommend.
Then, when you feel the shiny, wonderful, clean feeling that comes from using my system replace the Crest with Squigle.

Like me, I think you’ll find there is a noticeable difference you teeth do not feel as good.
I’m not sure why this would be. My hunch is that it could be glycerin in Squigle or its pH. 
In any case, I’m sad to say that I just can’t endorse Squigle as part of my program.
Of course, you may discover something different but I would advise you to try Crest and compare for yourself. 

One interesting thing I have found, is that people who have reactions to SLS do not have a problem with Crest regular paste( no additives). Again, I cannot explain why this would be but it is a fact. I hope I have explained the points and answered the questions that you posed.

Please let me know if you have any other queries. 
Best wishes and I would love to hear more as you try these products,
Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623

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