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Hi, Dr. Ellie!

I have a toddler who seems to have issues with all her top teeth.  I found out in February that the backs of her front teeth have holes in the back of them (looking yellow on the inside) and the dentist recommended crowning them all, right away!  I wanted to try to heal them and I got my baby’s father to agree to wait and see if I could keep them from getting worse.

I found you from a message board online somewhere.  I have been doing xylitol and act and even MI paste, but when her molars came in, I watched them get white spots and now yellow spots, and they haven’t got big holes, but I know it’s decay or demineralization.  The dentist poked his explorer and dug out a chunk of her tooth to show me how soft it was, and lately, that tooth has crumbled away to the level above where the piece was scraped off.  The other teeth don’t seem to have gotten any worse, and I just hope I can keep them in till they fall out on their own.  They don’t seem to hurt her. When she points and says “hurts”, it is usually because she’s got a piece of food stuck in or between her teeth.

I have been 1/2 way using xylitol myself it is easy to do in the water, and I keep a baby food jar of xylitol “syrup” I make and it’s easy to take a little on a spoon, and I also have 100% xylitol mints I try to use often, especially after having acidic food or drink.  I just need to be a little more diligent.

I have your book and have read it cover to cover and I’m anxious to share it with family.

I haven’t been to the dentist in 8 or 9 years.  I was looking at my teeth tonight and my front teeth have “crazing”looked like vertical cracks, which freaked me out! I imagined my front teeth breaking apart like they do in my nightmares.  But the internet says it is common, natural part of aging.  What do you say?

I use a Sonicare toothbrush,floss a few times a week, am now using Crest regular toothpaste, and I have been using ACT occasionally, but tomorrow I’m going out and buying Closys if I can find it, and start the CWT system in earnest. 

I’m 44 and breastfeeding and I was wondering if I need more calcium.  My teeth seem translucent.  It got worse after using Crest Whitestrips several months ago.  I see opaque spots on the INSIDE of my front teeth, and the botton edge is very translucent.

Also, the bottom edge of one of my front teeth seems chipped.  Is it too thin, I wonder?  Or is it just where they are wearing away from age?  I still have “scallops” on the other front tooth, but I thought they were supposed to wear away.

I have a tiny dark spot in one of my cuspids (?) in a pit, so I don’t know if it is a stain or a tiny cavity.

I will let you know how the CWT system does for me.  I hope I can expect to see the crazing disappear!!  I want my teeth to last my lifetime.

Oh, I saw somewhere that if Closys wasn’t available, salt water rinsing was good before brushing.  What ratio of salt to water?? That may be better on my budget if it is an effective alternative.


Hi L,
Wow you need to take a deep breath, and start to think about teeth in a completely different way.
Let’s begin with your own teeth.
You worry that your teeth look crazed and damaged. Then you talk about White Strips. Any whitening toothpaste, strip, or rinse will damage and weaken tooth enamel. If you use my system, your teeth will become beautiful, shiny, healthier and whiter all at the same time!
It seems you missed my chapter on whitening. Tooth enamel has no color and whitening makes no sense. The strips you mentioned are incredibly acidic they measure a pH of around pH 1.
You need my entire system to strengthen your teeth. You need all the rinses and Crest toothpaste it sounds as if you are on the verge of a major problem.
I would recommend you purchase my starter kit from the website since it has everything you need and the correct products. 
When you need more supplies you can take the empty ones to the store and match them exactly.
Making a mistake guessing the wrong toothpaste or a wrong product could mean the difference between success and failure for you. 
I don’t think you have much time.
For your child, I think it sounds as if you must increase the frequency of xylitol. You may do better with mints or dissolving the granular xylitol each day in a small amount of water and ensuring 5 to 7 exposures during the day. 
I think the little jar with the syrup is not giving you enough xylitol and probably not enough frequency. 
I assume you have the bubblegum ACT rinse for your child. I would brush the damaged teeth with ACT every night before bed, and before nap time during the day.
It is the combination of xylitol with the act rinse that will work to help heal this damage. Your child appears to be on the verge of serious dental damage also. You must be diligent now I don’t think you have much time. If you wait too long you will not be able to reverse this damage with natural healing.
I’m glad you’ve taken action but I’m here to encourage you to get very serious. Perhaps you need to put a sheet on the refrigerator with five check lines and mark each time you have xylitol both you and your baby!

I’m here if you have any other questions about this. I really want you to take action and find success! It is possible but you have to offer you teeth more help than you have been.
I also wonder if there is another adult who interacts frequently with your child who should also be on xylitol? Just a thought because cavities are caused by a “cavity forming” bacteria passed to the child from another mouth usually a parent or caretaker. I hope this is helpful information for you,
Best wishes,
Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623

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