The toothpaste in the protocol

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Some patients ask me if the toothpaste in the protocol is very important.
Some have their own favorite toothpaste. One patient liked Prevident which we had prescribed to her some time ago.

My hygienist has a problem using Crest toothpaste. She said she gets a reaction to it.
The CloSYS folk love their toothpaste, which does not have the sodium lauryl sulphate in it, which is helpful for some patients who suffer from apthous ulcers.

I’m wondering if the answer is that the Crest regular toothpaste works best, but patients can substitute another one if that works for them?

I did talk to our Crest rep today about getting the regular Crest in the office. Of course he wants to get our toothbrush business too.We currently have our order with Colgate and we get the brushes imprinted with our name and tel.number.
I did like your Zellie brush.

Hi K,
I think the kind of toothpaste is important how important hard to say.
The new Crest pastes are a problem. I agree with your hygienist, but it is the oldest kind that I recommend.
Pro Health is a paste that gives many people a reaction. The Tartar Control paste is also a product I would never recommend.
Make sure your hygienist is talking about Crest paste formulated in the 1950s the regular paste no additives and NOT Pro Health. 
The benefits of Crest regular Paste:
The difference between the different pastes is that the old paste is formulated with silica not chalk.
The formulation I like contains sodium fluoride not stannous fluoride.
Silica releases fluoride to the tooth surface quicker than chalk ( of course chalk is cheaper!!) since chalk competes for the fluoride.
I believe you need this fluoride released quickly so your tooth surface is protected before the Listerine rinse.
SLS does not seem to be a problem in Crest Regular paste:
I have found that people with SLS sensitivity who have no reaction at all with this one kind of Crest paste.
(Maybe the SLS becomes bound by silica, I don’t know).
Some things to think about:
In the 1950s they worked to create a wonderful toothpaste (and it appears they succeeded).
There ran clinical trials ( whereas today – they do not run these on “new” products).
These trials were able to SHOW the product worked. So, why did they change the formula? ….why are pastes made with cheaper chalk?…..
I always recommend a small pea size amount of paste no need for a big glob anyway!
Other pastes:
I have never been a proponent of Prevident. I have never seen any benefits I know what the company says just never SEEN them…..
I like Closys toothpaste and would recommend it except I have no history of using it.
My only concern with this paste is that it contains glycerin which some people feel can interfere with remineralization i.e. this could be an issue if you are trying to control caries. I don’t know but this is why Closys paste is my second choice, but it would be my recommendation for someone unable to access Crest Regular paste.
Colgate Total has potential problems because it reacts with chlorine in tap water to form chloroform it may offer 24 hour protection but ??? I wish Colgate had said something about this problem to our profession. Colgate has purchased Toms of Maine so I don’t recommend this paste either. Here is the link about chloroform:
Toothpaste is the dream world of marketing and no one should believe the statements in the advertising on the products most are truly outrageous! 
I like to suggest patients begin with the correct “ingredients” long enough to “feel” the difference in their teeth. 
Then, if they want, they can try adding or subtracting but ( like a cake recipe) the results will differ.
I would hate someone to miss the truly fantastic results that so many people have experienced and the joy this can bring them year after year.
We are happy to sell dental offices Zellies brushes by the case I will ask my Operations manager to contact you, if you are interested. 
FYI Crest “toddler” and “kids” brushes are excellent for your younger patients and my #1 suggestion for this age range!
Thanks so much for your interest.
Best Wishes,
Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623

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