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Dear Dr. Ellie,

 Thank you so much for this site and your products. I pray they help. I converted to raw veganism 6 months ago. I had perfect, cavity and problem free teeth my entire 47 years until recently. Despite thorough dental care, or so I thought, I discovered the enamel on my front teeth (as well as others) has eroded off the surface. Not the chewing surface, off the vertical surface on my front teeth. It looks like a few thin layers are gone. I’m devastated. I wanted to stop eating. I have beautiful, perfect teeth that I’ve been very proud of. How could this happen 🙁

 Anyway, I wanted to know if it’s possible to self repair these few missing layers of enamel. There is no yellow showing, it just looks like a dull rough patch within an irregular thinly chipped looking border in the middle of the tooth. It is VERY sensitive. I’ve done some things on my own to help the sensitivity. I’m looking forward to your products arriving. I have the Crest, and all three rinses here now. I’m just awaiting the xylitol. I’m so worried about this. I need to be raw vegan for my health. I’m very careful
with fruits, juices and foods. I also sleep with a bite guard and wonder if dryness could have caused this on my front teeth. I drink all juices with a straw and rinse, don’t brush off my enamel after citrus, you name it. I’d appreciate your input.

I will also be sharing this info with the 80,000 members of my non-profit if it helps me and my daughter who is about to get braces. I cannot wait the 6 months to have her braces put on but am hoping 6 weeks of treatment before her braces will help.



Hi A,

I think my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye would answer a lot of your questions.

In the book you will read about a girl who ate wonderfully healthy foods but had needed 4 root canals for lost enamel on her front teeth.

Her dentist had diagnosed weak teeth but the problem was a constant habit of sucking lemons throughout the day.

This girl still enjoys lemons but she protects her teeth after each acid attack by eating a couple of Zellies mints. It’s really very simple, once it becomes a habit, to protect your teeth after everything you eat or drink. Use of the mouth rinses that I recommend along with xylitol can certainly add strength to your existing enamel.

The young girl who loved lemons was able to start drinking hot coffee and eating ice cream again within a couple of months. When we first met this poor lady could not drink coffee unless it was cool and never ate anything cold. Nature has an inbuilt system for repairing our bodies and.teeth are no exception. With correct care you will be able to rebuild your teeth to a certain degree without seeing your teeth of course I cannot diagnose.

Certainly it is good to you have stopped the damage unfortunately the girl who ate lemons killed three teeth with her habit. The good news about her, is that now many years later she has begun to enjoy a new life without dental problems. I am sure you will return yourself to perfect oral health and if you have any questions be sure to let me know.

Best wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Goodbye
26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623

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