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Hi Dr. Phillips,
This makes sense to me. The toothpaste coats the teeth and offers protection from the oncoming acidic Listerine. It’s amazing how your System in made up of such finely interlocking pieces that each serves a specific purpose…like pecision gears in a Swiss watch.
What’s unbelievable to me is that during my lifetime, general dentistry as a whole has basically remained the same. You brush, floss, get cavities, get fillings and crowns, bridges, implants etc. Your gums recede. The same guidelines are drilled into us (no pun intended) about brushing and flossing and the same results manifest themselves. I really havent seen any dramatic progress to speak of in the dental field in terms of steps to follow in order to maintain a healthy mouth…perhaps there have been more advances in cosmetic dentistry. 
Then I hear about you and your System. Seems simple and straightforward, utilizing over-the-counter rinses and xylitol to change a person’s oral chemistry. The results speak for themselves based on your experience and that of your patients.
Do you think you might actually revolutionize dentistry with your System? I mean I’m trying your system myself now and I will know in 6-12 months whether it truly works wonders for me.
Or do you think perhaps the dental field might have a vested interest in prevented this System from ever being widely accepted as common practice for the masses? I mean if your System works as advertised, I wouldnt see a reason why every dentist in the world wouldnt be advising their patients to use your System.
I would be curious to see how you view all this.

Hi J,
I think we could have a long philosophical conversation about this. 
I appreciate the fact that you see my system made up of interlocking pieces this is truly a great description. I also look forward to a progress report as you spend time using my system.
As for dentistry, it needs to change and I think it will very soon. Tonight I spoke with a group of dentists and physicians interested in forming a new educational organization that will disseminate information about oral systemic health.( the intimate relationship between mouth health and general health).
This group will have committees made up of experts to provide a source of high-level information for health care providers and patients explaining how oral health impacts general health. This could elevate dentistry to a new level the place it really belongs. It could take dentists from filling teeth to become physicians for oral health. A healthy mouth may have the greatest impact on general health, and I think we’re about to see this.
Large non-focused organizations, isolated health care providers and independent opinions will soon be relics of the past. Patients will easily access the information they need on the Internet and will be able to find evidence based results of studies so they can find the truth. This new organization will have a website for health care providers and patients to be access information they need to be truly healthy.
The problem currently is that health care providers, particularly dentists, have no financial reimbursement through prevention and believe they don’t have time to do this kind of education. I’m very excited to be part of this new group and I will be informing my loyal followers on the Clean White Teeth website as we move forward. This organization will open its arms and extend a welcome to chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, physicians and general, cardiologists, nutritionists etc. etc.
How exciting is that!!
So your question, do I think my system can revolutionize dentistry? I think this new group of health care providers so full of enthusiasm can! So…. my next project is to convince these members that my particular system may be the most practical way to help patients enjoy oral health. With this kind of strong group support perhaps we can change the world!
Stay tuned!

Ellie Phillips DDS

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