Dear Dr. Ellie,

Though I do need to ask you a few right now The questions are in
the form of emails you receive. Sorry for the length.

1. When I take my PH paper brand that you use and dip it
into my ACT it reads ACIDIC! The lowest on the color scale! Oooh why is this?
Could they have changed the formula? BUT, after I rinse w/ the ACT my saliva
reads alkaline. Strange. Is ACT supposed to be acidic?…because I
thought it was supposed to be alkaline?

(this is a long one)

2. Thank you so much for your time and patience with me.

I really appreciate it. J Really.


Hi C,

The pH of ACT is of no concern and don’t worry I guarantee it works!!!
In fact, the irony is that dilute fluoride works best in an acidic
This is why I suggest the use of acidic Listerine before using the
dilute fluoride ACT.
It is the one time that you want an acidic not alkaline environment.

Body pH cannot be changed with mouth rinses.
If you wake up in the morning with an acidic pH, you need to work on
ways that will raise your body pH.
Most women wake up in the morning with an acidic mouth but I’m not
suggesting this is good.

Do and experiment if you like; take your morning pH, then take some
really good multivitamins with a tiny drop of water.
Now wait half an hour to allow the vitamins to be absorbed by your
Now take your pH again and see what you find.

I found that my mouth pH had converted in half an hour to become

This meant that my saliva had changed in that time and this was
reflected in the pH.
I also find relaxation for me gardening or being on the beach will
change my acidic saliva pH to alkaline.
I’m working on figuring out other ways that I can raise my pH more
It appears broccoli is an excellent food and I think other green
colored foods can be particularly helpful.
When I figured it all out completely I will let you know more!

The good news is that using my system will make your teeth more acid
It will make your teeth stronger so they are able to fight off the acid
attack during the night.
Your teeth will be strong enough to deal with acidic saliva that is
trying to dissolve your teeth.

This is why it is essential for women over the age of 35 and maybe
younger to use this system to prevent acid damage while they sleep.
I hope I’ve explained this for you, because it is really important for
women to work preventively to build stronger teeth before the damage

It’s fun to have your questions so let me know if you have any more!
Best wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623

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