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Hello again,

I have a couple questions, when you have the time:
I have been using your toothbrush and notice that my front, left upper
gums are really sensitive. Am I brushing too hard? I notice your brush
really cuts along the gum lines with those 2 rows of higher outer bristles
great design but maybe I am not brushing properly I go back and forth ,
horizontal should it be circles? Do you have a video on correct brushing?
I notice that my bottom left crown is really sensitive now to hot and
especially cold never had that before any ideas?

Thanks looking forward to my next cleaning on August 20th!
Greg Biehn

Hi G,

Whoa I don’t want to create sensitive gums!
Be gentle, perhaps you are brushing too hard I wonder what kind of tooth
brush you were using before?

By the way, I’m assuming you remember the need for five exposures to xylitol
daily especially good at the end of meals.

New research shows that chewing (100% xylitol) gum after meals will help
diminish sensitivity of teeth.

Even if you’re not normally a gum chewer, I would suggest two minutes with a
little Zellies chewing gum may help relieve this sensitivity very quickly.

In any case, I will make 3 temporary suggestions( special things to think
about for a couple of days)and then you can return to your normal

( By the way, I’m assuming you use Closys before you begin to brush and
I’m also assuming you use Crest Regular cavity control paste without
additives like whitening or tartar control and never Pro Health paste)

1. Be sure to only clean your teeth twice a day if you need to clean your
teeth after lunch only use rinses no brushing.
2. Give up flossing for at least a few days
3. Use warm water for your toothbrush to soften the bristles and
prevent you from brushing too hard.

If you find Listerine makes your teeth too sensitive feel free to dilute
it 50% with water.

Make the experience comfortable enough for you to swish the Listerine
solution actively between your teeth this is your liquid floss!

Then allow the ACT rinse plenty of time to “moisturize”your teeth by
allowing this rinse at least a couple of minutes in your mouth and then
try to avoid eating or drinking anything for at least half an hour

I would propose that you make these small changes until the end of the week.
Then you could return to your normal routine and see if your gums feel

Hope this helps,.
By the way, I did make a video of toothbrushing a few years ago I just
need to edit it before I put it on the Internet.

I do believe in toothbrushing and I do think you need a good technique.
It’s on my to-do list and it will get done eventually!


Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623

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