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 Hello Dr Ellie, 

I have been doing your program for 5 months now.  I am glad to say that I have no longer got any gum problems.  My small cavities are still there, but I have read on your blog that sometimes these can take longer then 6 months to heal depending on the size they never cause any pain and I no longer have the same sensitivity that they did have, so I think I will still hold off getting them filled. I do need to get my teeth cleaned at some point all the dead plaque that you said would happen is there.  

It has been a little bit of a mission getting the products for myself and my husband, as we had been living in Nicaragua and are now back in our home country New Zealand.  I was able to get some people to bring me down some bulk supplies to Nicaragua, but now that we are in NZ it is posing even more of a problem, the cost becomes quite a lot more expensive we ordered some ACT and Crest toothpaste via www.medshopexpress.com, but it is taking longer then expected to arrive, and we are probably going to run out before it does arrive.  We have already run out of closys, so instead do a thorough salt water rinse a whole warm mug full and it seems to be ok we don’t have probems with our gums.  I am most worried about finding an alternative to ACT, and have been doing some research I was wondering if you would have the time to look at these products, and knowing that your preference is for the products you have tried and tested what you thought of the products at this website:

I was also looking at this as an alternative to closys:

or this: http://www.oxyfresh.com/dental/rinse_zinc.asp which I will be able to via the widesmile webpage.

For an alternative to ACT:

Colgate Neutrafluor 220
Daily Fluoride Rinse

Helps prevent root and enamel caries

Colgate Neutrafluor daily rinse is formulated to assist in the prevention of dental caries in children over 6 and adults when used on a daily basis. May be particularly useful during orthodontic treatment or for management of patients with moderate caries risk.

  • For prevention of root and enamel caries
  • Provides extra protection against enamel decalcification
  • Safe for use with ceramic brackets and glass based (tooth coloured) fillings
  • Precautions: Do Not Swallow.  For rinsing only.  Not to be used for children under 6 years, as young children frequently cannot rinse without significant swallowing.  Supervise children over 6 years until good rinsing habits are established.  Do not use in combination with fluoride supplements in children aged 6-10 years except on dental advice.
Active Ingredient: 0.05% w/w Neutral Sodium Fluoride (220 ppm F)

Finally what are your thoughts on probiotics for oral health?

I hope you have time to look at this information and give some more of our helpful advise I am very keen to keep going with looking after our teeth care with much more consideration.  We have very much been enjoying your mints and gum.

Hi L,
I can’t tell you exactly which would be the best substitutes but I can tell you this:
Oxyfresh is a good alternative to the Closys.

The fluoride mouth rinse you mention looks good too so I think you’re going to be fine especially if you can get the regular crest toothpaste and use their xylitol in Zellies form. I’m really interested to find out what you think when you try the system out you’ll be able to tell just by the feel of your teeth. Make sure you have at least five exposures to xylitol every day you may have to put a little more emphasis on prevention since you don’t have exactly the right products. On the other hand, I think you’ve done a really good job of tracking down alternatives!

Please keep in touch.
I am delighted to hear of your improvements and progress! Oral health has such an impact on general health you will appreciate in your 60s and 70s the benefits of wonderful teeth.

Delighted to be able to help, please keep in touch,
Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
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