5 yr. old’s cavities and xylitol

Dear Dr Ellie,

Greetings. About 6-7weeks ago, I noticed a dark spot on one of my five year old son’s molars. 
I called the dentist for an appointment, and proceeded to go online for information…
which is how I discovered your website. 

After reading about your system and many of the comments on the blog, I placed an order, and went out to buy the rinses and Spry gum while I waited for my Zellies to arrive. I started my son (and my 7 yr. old daughter) on the Act rinse and Xylitol immediately. 

When we went in for his visit, the dentist said he had SIX cavities, and wanted to drill six of his teeth (he also mentioned a pulpotomy on the cavity I had seen) at a cost of $1000.

I looked around for another dentist I could get a second opinion from (my personal childhood history with the dentist is one of horror, and I didn’t want to start my child down that path), and found one who has heard about, and is interested in, the effects of Xylitol (though I didn’t know this until we went in for our visit). He said only two of the cavities need to be filled the one I saw has already been scraped and filled with a temporary fluoride material, the other will require a drill due to it’s placement. The best part is that he said the cavity appears to be slow moving, and I hope it is the five weeks of Xylitol beginning to work.

He is going to monitor the other areas to see if the decay stops, and hopefully we won’t have to do anything with them. He is very interested to use us as a ‘case study’ to see how the Xylitol works.

My long-winded story is just to tell you that I am so glad I found you (both of my children and myself are on the system…I will try to get my husband on board!). I intend to order your book as I can’t wait to read it. Oh, and another benefit is that my children have been eating much fewer sugary sweets, as the mints and granulated Xylitol are satisfying their sweet tooth! Thanks for all your hard work!


Hi K,
You made my day!!

Thanks for the message and please let me know if you need 
any more encouragement or would like to ask questions along
the way.

Don't forget to keep all the family toothbrushes as clean 
as possible!
Best Wishes, I am sure you will be happy at the outcome!
Please keep in touch,


Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623

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