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Dr. Ellie,

Recently I came across your blog and learned a lot of great information about teeth. It’s been 11 years since I’ve been to the dentist, and I finally made an appointment for next week. I have four impacted wisdom teeth that need to come out, but I’m afraid. I have a heart valve problem and reoccurring wisdom tooth infections. Yesterday I purchased the products indicated in your system, including the Zellies mints. I plan on following this regimen for the rest of my life, but I was wondering if using this system in the weeks before my wisdom teeth surgery will reduce the risk of bacterial infection or aid in the healing process. I know a few people who ended up very ill as a result of this surgery so I’m doing my best to eradicate any bad bacteria in my mouth.

Hi there M,
You’re making an excellent decision to get going in an effort to remove the bacteria from your mouth. Anyone should do this especially before and extraction a particularly anyone with a heart valve problem.

I hope you’re going to use xylitol strive for five times a day. The mouth rinse routine is the adjunct that will help you speed this process along as quickly as possible. Use the mouth rinses twice a day make sure you have the Closys as part of your routine before you brush your teeth.

In view of the fact that it is wisdom teeth that are your problem, I would ensure when you rinse with Closys, that you allow this rinse to swish gently around the areas of your wisdom teeth. Then brush with a clean toothbrush and the Crest we recommend swish vigorously with Listerine and finally use ACT.

In view of the fact that we are in a hurry to eliminate bacteria  make sure you have at least 5 to 7 exposures to xylitol each day.

After meals is the best time to eradicate bacteria. I wish you had a few extra weeks to work on cleaning your mouth.

Perhaps your dentist would give you time to do this he should understand the reasoning and be able to balance the urgency of extractions against the benefit of cleaning your mouth before doing them. In addition, I suggest thinking about probiotics talk with a health food store to find the best one for your mouth.

Fresh pineapple is also a help before surgery. A little fresh pineapple in the weeks before and after will speed healing.

Here is a link to explain the pineapple healing:


Hope this is useful information for you!

Ellie Phillips DDS

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