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Hi Ellie,

Our pediatrician told us that we should have a dentist check out our 15 month old daughter’s teeth for an initial preventative check. Do you see patients at all? Of course you are my first choice!! I have a suspicion that you do not and if that’s the case is there anyone here in Rochester that you recommend?

Hope you are having a great summer. Thank you!

Hi K,
Thanks for the vote of confidence!

I cannot recommend anyone to you but my suggestion is to ask friends or parents of slightly older children for some office suggestions (they will already have had experiences). Select a few offices maybe three and then call the offices and ask some questions.

Listen closely to the answers – and notice which answers are enthusiastic and are given rapidly as if the office encounters 2 year olds with positive results many times each month. This research should help you select!

• 1. Does this office believe in xylitol? ( if there is silence move on!)

• 2. Does this office see many young children younger than 2 years? ( if there is hesitation move on!)

• 3. Will your child always see the same doctor each visit?

• 4. Can you be allowed to stay with your child during the visit?

The answers should give you a clear picture of the kind of office you are talking with:

• Q1 Are they preventive oriented? (If they hesitate about this I would be very concerned)

• Q2 Do they have tricks and techniques ready to gain the attention of a 2 year old child?

• Q3 They will provide continuity and guidance the child needs to develop trust

• Q4 I believe parents should stay with a child at this age (agreeing shows compassion and understanding)

That is my suggestion hope it helps!

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!

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