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by a coincidence, I came across Dr Ellie’s book at I live in Norway, and Amazon is one of the few American shops I visit frequently. I am really quite fascinated by your concept, because at the moment I am very ill and housebound and unable to get to the dentist, and have been so for the last year. If there was any way I could get this system to work for me, it would be fantastic! 

Sadly, the selection of products for oral health is limited compared to yours, and in addition, buying products from abroad which exceeds about 30 dollars of value will give you an extra tax of an unpredictable size, possibly it will at least double the prize, so this is really not an option, as I would need the products continually. Also, medicines and some chemicals are banned from import, and I am unsure whether buying from you at all would be legal. So what do I do? The only product we have from your list is Listerine, but I am uncertain whether this is the correct type. (Cool mint). I have tried to approach this by reading the declarations, but none of the ingredients I have been able to find, match the list from Dr. Ellie’s book. 

I have now ordered a list of products from an online pharmacy, based on what the products claim to do. So my question is: Is this a wild experiment? Is it better to just use toothpaste and water and hope for the best? I ordered before I read that you should not substitute products, and now I am just confused. Can you help?

Yours hopefully, I – Norway

Hi I,

You should be able to create your own alternative routine. The best news is that xylitol is easy for you to access and is good for your health!

Hope the information below is useful.
My suggestions in a priority list:

# 1. Ensure you have enough xylitol each day:
Use granular xylitol and eat a little at the end of each meal or put some in water and sip it regularly during the day.
Enjoy any 100 percent xylitol gum or candy available as a treat after meals.

# 2. Clean Your Toothbrush regularly in Listerine, rinse out and allow to dry between uses

# 3. If you cannot access stabilized chlorine dioxide use a salt rinse before you brush your teeth.

# 4.Find a toothpaste with silica and sodium fluoride use only a little but ensure this is the formula.

# 5. If you rinse with Listerine, rinse it off your teeth with a sodium fluoride solution or xylitol solution.

For more information about priorities with this system:

Thanks so much for your interest,

Best wishes,


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