Ingredients in Zellies

Hello, I am needing further info. on the ingredients in Zellies. We have had sensitivities, and would like to know what “natural flavors” are in the product before using it. I greatly appreciate your assistance.


Hi C,

Thank you for your interest in Zellies products.
Our flavors in Zellies mints are all natural but this is a proprietary mix of natural ingredients and I cannot give you more information.

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of xylitol and have many sensitivities I suggest you consider Zellies granular xylitol ( US origin and derived from birch trees).

You can finish each meal with a small amount of this xylitol ( think about a strawberry dipped in xylitol).
You can dissolve granular xylitol in water and sip this at the end of each meal, after each snack or drink and whenever your mouth feels dry.

Try to have at least 5 exposures to xylitol each day and about 1-2 grams at each exposure.
Frequency is important and you want about 6 -10 grams a day for oral health about one or two teaspoons a day. (more is fine but less xylitol will not be enough to change your oral health).

Hope this is helpful.
We sell granular xylitol by the pound and also as pre-measured packets for your convenience.

We have free shipping through July 4th!!!

Best Wishes,

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