Zellies Toothbrush

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I am a registered Dental Hygienist, and I am interested in your zellies toothbrush.


Dear A:

Thanks so much for your message. I am glad you are interested in zellies toothbrushes. We would be prepared to give you a good price on a larger quantity.

You may be interested in the story behind Zellies toothbrushes: As a long-time dentist I had a selection of toothbrushes given to me by various oral care companies. I wanted to know which ones were the best. I also wanted to know how people could brush their teeth with the really cheap toothbrushes available in stores. So, I purchased some from stores and used the others that I had been given. In all, I think we had about 30 different kinds of brushes in our “study”.

My husband and I own a restaurant in Rochester New York. We had about 70 employees at the time. Every employee was given two different brushes to use for a couple of weeks at a time : did they like this one, or this one? This was repeated over and over handing out different combinations of brushes and recording the results.

This study of toothbrushes continued for close to a year! We finally came down to two toothbrushes in the final round. This was the birth of the ” Zellies toothbrush”! It is a combination of the two “finalist” brushes.

I hope you like the brushes, let me know how we can help you in the future.
Many thanks,

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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