Sorbitol and Teeth

Dr. Ellie,

In your book “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye”, you recommend Crest regular toothpaste for its sodium fluoride. When checking the ingredients, it looks like Sorbitol is the number one ingredient. I thought Sorbitol is not good for your teeth, as mentioned in your book. Now I am confused. Can you help clear things up for me?


Dear G:

Hi and thank you for your question and close observation!

I wish we had a toothpaste made with good silica, good sodium fluoride and xylitol. Unfortunately we do not have this.

After years of searching and looking at results with patients, I feel Crest is the most tested, safe and well made of the toothpastes out there and it works in the system that I recommend.

I think sorbitol is much more of a problem in candies and when eaten where it upsets gastric bacteria. As the ingredient in the paste and also in the rinses I wish it were gone but it does not impact our results. You can use a tiny amount of toothpaste and it will work a grain of rice size is all you need.

How do you find the rinse system is working for you?


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