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Just read Dr. Ellies book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, and wish I had this information years ago!! I have a question how long should the tooth brush be in contact with the cleaning solution (Chlorox & H20), or does it matter? Also should the solution be made fresh every day, or can one reuse it and if so for approximately how long? Thank you very much! S

Hi S,

Thanks so much for your interest and question,
Research shows that dilute bleach or full strength Listerine will “clean’ the bristles of toothbrushes.
( I use Listerine my husband uses a UV light sanitizer).
Swish the head of the brush for a few seconds and then rinse well under running water.

The solutions work to loosen debris and germs which you will then rinse off.
The most important thing is to completely DRY the brush between uses (bacteria hate DRY!!!).

In the hot, humid summer weather you may need to move your brush to another room, stand it by a fan or put it into a dishwasher!
You may even need two brushes and alternate their use.

(I know people who “spray” their brushes with the disinfectant to save money and this seems to work well also).
Let me know if you have any other questions,

Best Wishes,

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