Rinsing Toothbrush in Listerine

Hi, Ellie

When you say that you can just swish the toothbrush in a couple of drops of Listerine, do you mean in a small amount of water with a few drops of Listerine mixed in?

I’ve been pouring Listerine into a 3 0z. Dixie cup to disinfect the toothbrush, but if using just a few drops in water would have the same effect, it’d be more economical. Your thoughts?

Thanks a lot.


Hi L,
I don’t have a way to PROVE the best way to clean your brush but there are some scientific facts that guide this reply:

1. Bacteria hate to be dry it kills them!
So whatever you do make sure your toothbrush is able to dry out between uses.

2. Listerine (not diluted) and bleach (diluted) were compared in a side by side study and the study found that both liquids clean toothbrushes equally well.
The heads of the brushes were swished in the liquid disinfectants and then rinsed off the EM photographs were similar and showed bacterially clean brushes.
This is why I recommend this technique to others.

3. I don’t know what happens as you dilute the Listerine or keep re-using it.
I would imagine that it may be OK to dilute a little bit or use less maybe you could spray your brush with a mist of Listerine and then rinse out.

I am more careful about cleaning my brush when I am sharing a sink or in a hotel bathroom.
At home, I have to admit that I use less Listerine to swish it in each day but in a hotel I immerse it for several minutes!!

Hope this helps,

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