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What a wonderful book and service you are doing to the less than sophisticated dental consumers.

You did not mention the use of WaterPicks which I use about once daily. I have gaps in the molars, that flossing and brushing do not effect.

Is this o.k., I keep the water pressure on low pulse, so as not to cause bleeding of the gums. I have bought all the products you reccomend in your book, and starting to use.

Since I am 70 years old, it may be too late, but worth a try.

Thank You,


Hi P,

Thanks for your words of encouragement Blogging about teeth is not paid position and the reason I do this sometimes escapes me!…..then I receive a message like yours and it makes everything worth while!

It is NEVER too late to start this program. My Mom is 89 and she has most of her friends in Florida on this program. Her cleaning lady asked her why all the bathrooms in the houses she cleaned, had the same mouth rinses on the vanity! Everyone is enjoying success and they compare their cleaner, whiter, smiles at the lunch table!

I do not recommend the Water Pick generally, but it sounds as if yours is useful for you and you are gentle with it. I think most dental damage is caused by being overly aggressive both consumers and health professionals! You can try putting Closys or dilute Closys in the WaterPick this has been successful for some people.

Please let me know what you think after a few months. The first five weeks will be adjustment to the new system then you should really start to see results! Six months is a good milestone to put on the calendar you can thing about how it was before you started!

Thanks again for your message,
Best Wishes,

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