Mouth Care System and Acid Reflux

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I would like to strengthen my teeth, and your mouth care system looks promising. I did try it for around 2 months several months ago, but I had the problem of acid reflux. I think this may be mainly from the fluoride rinse, and I’m sure this doesn’t happen to everyone. But have you heard of this occurring? I would like to try the system again. I know it’s not the whole system, but I’ve been using crest and xylitol mints. With the xylitol, I feel like I’m on the verge of acid reflux, but not there yet. If not using xylitol or fluoride rinse, I don’t have a problem with acid reflux. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

I’m trying to get a tooth nerve (12) to calm down after a dentist tested my teeth for temperature sensitivity for hot and cold that’s when this tooth started hurting. It has a deep filling but no apparent decay.

By the way, I have an abfraction on one tooth. Could the mouthcare system help strengthen enamel over that?


Hi E,

Neither xylitol or the ACT rinse would have any connection to acid reflux. Acid reflux is normally linked to a shortage of minerals in the body ( do you take vitamins each day?) or can be connected with a lack of salt in the diet (sea salt preferably). Many people who cut out salt, end up with acid reflux!

I don’t know enough about your diet. I wonder if you a health food eater or do you eat diet products or chew commercial gum with sorbitol as the first ingredient? Eating any products with sorbitol will give most people acid reflux. Beware the commercial gum that advertises ” now with xylitol” but their main ingredient is sorbitol.

There are effective ways to eliminate acid reflux have you ever heard of drinking cider vinegar and honey?

I am certain that neither Zellies nor ACT are contributing to your acid reflux.
I suggest you get one of our Complete Mouth Care kits and use this selection of mouth rinses in its complete form along with Zellies mints or gum.

A kit will give you enough product for several weeks – so that you try the system using the correct items.

You say you are using Crest and xylitol what kind of xylitol? How often? Which kind of Crest? …..I have too many questions to truly help you in this e-mail!


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