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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been using your system of rinses and xylitol since November. I have been very pleased with it.

This evening while reading your blog I came across a recent post dated April 28. In it this person was concerned about the location of their cavity and wanted to know if that would prevent it from rebuilding with xylitol and the rinses. They were seeking further clarification from the following that had been written to someone else in an earlier post. (That earlier post is not dated but is the 3rd post after the April 28th post.)

“I do believe that many teeth are filled that could heal themselves given six months and the use of my regimen. I do believe, based on my clinical experience, that if an occlusal cavity does not get bigger – there is a good chance that in time it will go away. I do believe that if the cavity has not broken the surface of the tooth that it can go away: if the cavity is on a lingual or buccal surface of the tooth, it may go away; if the problem is the corner or side of a tooth – this has no way to rebuild”.

I now feel very concerned that there are some types of cavities due to location that cannot be helped at all by the rinses and xylitol and want to be very careful to not let these types of cavities go without dental care. In other words, I would not want to delay a filling if cavities such as these cannot be helped by the specific rinses and xylitol.

What and where exactly is “corner or side of tooth” and am I understanding this correctly that this type of cavity cannot benefit from the xylitol and rinses?

Could you please try to help clarify my confusion? Thank you so much!

Best Regards,

Hi M,

Thanks for your question.
Next week I am meeting with a graphic designer to draw diagrams for the website to explain this and end the confusion!!

If you read my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye you will get a better picture of the ebb and flow of tooth strength the healing and washing away of minerals from the tooth surface.

Tooth enamel is often dissolving, but you don’t see this because it simultaneously rebuilds itself.
This is like bones, and osteoporosis only occurs when there is more breaking down than repair.
A broken bone can fix itself and completely heal but not if there is a huge gap between the ends of the bone (now you need a surgeon to help you!).

I cannot tell the size of a cavity but a cavity on an X ray always looks like a giant hole often when there is no defect on the outside of the tooth. People get scared, and our profession have done a good job of this telling people they better get the cavity fixed or else……..

If you have stopped the things that caused the cavity in your mouth ( by frequent use of xylitol after every thing you eat or drink) and you are diligent in the use the system of rinses exactly as suggested Then you will be in a situation where no more damage can occur.

The amount of healing will depend only on the location of the cavity some heal faster than others, but all areas will heal to some degree.

The first step is to constantly think to protect your teeth from damage after meals, drinks, when your mouth is dry.

Give your teeth a chance to heal. Cavities take at least a year to form so give healing 6 months or more!
You have to be serious about the rinses I recommend make sure you use everything exactly as suggested no alternative rinse, no alternative paste.

Review your progress at your next dental appointment talk with your dentist about waiting what really IS the danger of waiting? Is the tooth healthier now than last visit? For those who cannot afford to go to a dentist – their teeth will slowly improve in strength and the disease will not progress if they do the things I suggest. It may be that the cavity does not completely repair itself, but it won’t get worse.

As a geriatric dentist I looked at 100 year old patients who had unfilled cavities for forty years and nature had often done a great healing job on them!

Hope this helps but we will be explaining this in detail with pictures on the website soon!

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  • Heather says:

    Where is the diagram of cavity location? I cannot find it on your site and am trying to heal a cavity between two molars with your system. Can it be done? Thanks.

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