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I have been following your plan for quite awhile and things have really improved. I received this article in an e-mail and was interested in your opinion of it.

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Hi A,

I am leaving for a week and I doubt if I will have time to write much for several days.
I have an entire chapter in Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye about fluoride you may be interested to read it!

I do agree with Dr. Mercola on most of his comments and he has said this same thing for years and years. The fluoride story is a terrible one. If you read my book you will see that I agree with this.

BUT….It is important to understand the differences between ingesting and rinsing and I am adamant that the only fluoride for rinsing is sodium fluoride never stannous.

I do not agree with adding fluoride to our water supplies. I would never give supplements to kids.

If we all lived a perfect life no stress, no hormone imbalance etc. etc, we would not need fluoride! The problem is that women have acidic saliva much of the time. Without the benefits of a sodium fluoride mouth rinse, your own saliva could erode teeth away!

Used as a mouth rinse twice a day, dilute sodium fluoride rinse can keep teeth strong and healthy. I know for a fact that Dr. Mercola has had dental issues over the years he has talked about fillings etc. I personally believe that white filling materials pose great health risks so better to avoid them with a dilute fluoride rinse!!

He has never made this comparison.

In the long run nothing is perfect but we all have to balance risk against benefit. This is why I have the position on fluoride that I hold and I discuss this in more detail in my book.

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