Advice for recovering alcoholics who want to use the CWT system

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I just discovered your website last night, and have been reading your blog all this morning. I’m excited to become a guinea pig and try it out on myself to see how it works. I only have one concern. My mother is a dental hygienist who works in a public health setting, and she really has been trying to discourage me from using the Listerine because of the high alcohol content. She sees many patients who currently have or are recovering from substance abuse and alcohol problems. She’s not a big fan of Listerine because it’s basically 50 proof; and she suggested that instead of the Listerine, to use a 50/50 solution of peroxide and water. I see in some of your answers to other people that you do not recommend the peroxide because it will kill good bacteria, and suggest using diluted Listerine. I personally don’t have a problem with diluting the Listerine, but I do wonder what recommendations you might have for someone who needs to avoid all oral alcohol exposure. Perhaps using the Closys a second time after brushing? Or perhaps there’s another solution that can be made at home–I’ve been reading online about the astringent uses of White Oak Bark powder and ways to turn it into a mouth rinse. Any insight would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

Hi J,

Thanks for your message Sure some people are concerned about Listerine but the truth is (besides drinking Listerine) well documented research articles (over many years) dispel concern about the alcohol in Listerine affecting mucosal tissues. In the past few years there was a negative study from Australia Note the Australians are trying to launch a mouth rinse that has a local grown plant base to complete with Listerine …….?? follow the money!!!

My CleanWhiteTeeth resource page has a lot of links and here is one for Listerine:

I suggest you try my system exactly as I recommend so you can feel the way it feels and the benefits it offers first. If you want to substitute other rinses then try them and see.

If you read my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, you will understand why Closys and Listerine are different, and substitution will not be equal. Listerine is very effective as a liquid “floss” to remove immature plaque cells but it is not so effective for mature plaque.

If anyone refuses to use Listerine I first suggest diluting it but if this is not an option, then I think I would suggest dilute cider vinegar. The acidity of the vinegar is useful before the ACT rinse. I am not a fan of peroxide as you see!

Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!
Ellie Phillips

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