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Dear Ellie,

I read the information on your blog and I am very willing to use your system. The problem is that I live in France, and those products are not available here (the international shipment is too expensive for me). the only thing I’ve found is Listerine and Xylitol chewing gums (produced by Miradent). Could you please advise me how I can substitute the missing products ? (I saw some substitute products on your website, but they are not available here neither).

If I understand well, I need to use a simple toothpaste – just to clean the teeth, then Listerine – to protect against plaque, then ACT Fluoride Rinse – to help remineralize enamel.(?)
I have a Elmex Fluoride rinse (contains Olafluor + Fluor Sodium), can I use it instead of ACT? What is the purpose of Closys Mouth Rinse, can I substitute it with something else?

Also, I’ve been checking my saliva pH regularly, and it seems that it’s rather alkaline (pH 6.5-7.5), and only in the morning is about 6-6.5 (I do have a dry mouth at night which I can not find the reason why). I also noticed that after eating my pH rises until 7.5-8.5. Does it mean that saliva is becoming more alkaline after eating? I thought that the food results in acidity in the mouth… I am a little confused…

Should I still use Xilitol gums even if I don’t have acidity in my mouth?

I started having caries about 2 years ago (I’m 28 now), and have a few teeth already filled. But I keep having small yellow spots, and also white lines next to the gum, which means that the problem is still there and fillings is not the solution…

I would really like to follow your system to improve my dental health. I will appreciate any advice!

Thank you,

Hi K,

I am not sure how to help you the most the products in France are quite different but you have chosen well.

I think you may learn a lot from my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye especially about mouth acidity etc. This book is easy to read and explains in detail how to my suggested products but also about fresh foods for oral health.

You can do a lot to reverse cavities using xylitol, dairy products (OK using Miradent) , and a good mouth rinse routine. The rinse you mention with fluoride should work OK for you.
Make sure that if you drink anything during the night it is alkaline water or at least have some xylitol after it!

Closys helps clean gums and pH balance the mouth before brushing. You could use xylitol before brushing – or salt water( ugh) or find Retardex when you next visit UK! Closys is a great product so keep your eyes open …..On the other hand, you can heal cavities without it ….(Closys is more for gum health than for cavities)!

Good work with your substitutions I think you will enjoy my book!
Let me know how this works for you we are always interested in feedback!

Best Wishes,

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    Hi K, Dr. Ellie,FYI, sells both Retardex and Listerine.Best, KKC

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