Don’t Just "Wait and See" When it Comes to Cavities!

Hi Dr. Ellie,

Could you please clarify your recent comment posted on your web site that I underlined below.

“I do believe that many teeth are filled that could heal themselves given six months and the use of my regimen. I do believe, based on my clinical experience, that if an occlusal cavity does not get bigger there is a good chance that in time it will go away. I do believe that if the cavity has not broken the surface of the tooth that it can go away: if the cavity is on a lingual or buccal surface of the tooth, it may go away; if the problem is the corner or side of a tooth this has no way to rebuild”.

I’m a little concerned, as I have a cavity on my mesial side that has entered the dentine. Are you saying that this side has no way to rebuild? I was told about my cavity in April 2008 and in June of 2009 I took an X-ray and it appeared to be a little bigger. However, I’ve been using your system for 4 months and was planning on having a cleaning in 2 months with a complete set of X-rays. But if you think that it will not rebuild, then I won’t wait. I just need clarification. Thanks very much.

P.S. If you find a dentist that is willing to watch cavities instead of filling immediately, in Los Angeles county or 818 area code, please let me know. Thanks again for your help.

Dear L:

I wish everyone who has been warned that a tooth “may need filling” would go home and IMMEDIATELY USE my system!!

If you use my Complete Mouth Care System for six months the damage and cavity will probably go away before your next dental visit.

If you “wait and see” ( like the dentist suggested) the factors that were causing the cavity will simply have time to do more damage!!

Waiting is a joke unless you change something you are doing.

Waiting will usually guarantee the dentist gets to fill the tooth unless you are actively remineralizing teeth by using dilute fluoride and xylitol!

Tooth decay is the outcome of damage vs. repair. My system tips the scales towards the side of repair over and over and over and over 7 times a day.

Make sure you are eating xylitol 5 times a day and rinsing with the Complete Mouth Care System morning and night twice a day. The Complete Mouth Care System is “goodbye cavity” treatment!

So please don’t wait and see just DO IT!!!!


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