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Hello Dr. Phillips,

This is a great site and is very encouraging for my whole total mouth health! However, I have also learned about the sonicare toothbrush. Would this be good for your program, or counterproductive, as the Xylitol produces a layer of protection. Hope this made any sense and thank you for your time.
Sincerely, CM

Hi C

I don’t think the kind of toothbrush makes much difference or creates any problem that I am aware of. The most important thing is to massage your gums and enjoy using your brush.

I doubt the sonicare has the ability to remove the protective layer but if you have veneers (the “contact lenses” put on to cosmetically improve the outside shell of teeth). I wonder if the vibration may loosen the “glue” over time – no studies show this: it is just a thought of mine!

The most important thing is to keep your brush clean at all times. Anyone traveling in hotels must pay attention to storage and cleaning of their brushes.

In my experience travelers often have gingivitis, gum problems and candidal infections. I believe these may be related to wet and damp stored brushes (brushes in bags have the perfect growing medium for molds and bacteria).

Splatter from others brushing their teeth and open toilets is also a concern. Rinse your brush in Listerine, wash it under running water and allow it to air dry between uses.
A UV sanitizer is another option.

With these protective care instructions you should be fine with your sonicare!


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