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Hi Ellie,

Although I have been thinking about it, I have not yet tried your complete mouthcare system. Part of my hesitation is that I had never been a fan of mouth rinses. With the Sjogren’s, I have occasionally tried using the Biotene mouthrinse, but I find that that I often can’t tolerate the burning sensation it produces and I expect it will be the same with other rinses. I had wanted to ask you whether whether you recommend people with Sjogren’s skip the Listerine step of the system since you mention Listerine is quite acidic.

Thanks again,

Hi C,

My system is amazing for anyone with dry mouth / Sjogren’s/ xerostomia and I enthusiastically recommend it for all these conditions. Three cancer hospitals contacted me to tell me that patients using Zellies and my system were escaping dental damage from radiation.

You will love Closys and the Crest you only need a little on your brush. Feel free to dilute Listerine to taste many Sjogren’s patients find they tolerate full strength Cool mint flavor very well.

The acidity of the Listerine is useful for the last step in the program: the rinse with ACT. ACT works best on an acidic tooth surface to strengthen and beautify the tooth surface.

You will love the results and then you can encourage others to give this a try. My mom is nearly 90 in Florida and has all her friends on this program They are excited as they see their teeth getting younger and younger!

I am glad the products worked out for you all. Let me know if I can be of any other help to you,


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