Dr. Ellie’s System in Australia

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Thankyou for your advice.

I received my shipment of mints and gum needless to say my 2yo and 4yo LOVE the cool fruit mints but due to the shipment costs I have to ration them! I would be very interested to know if your products will be stocked in Australia in the future.

Also, for any other Australian enquiries you may receive- I have been able to source all your recommended products at reasonable cost. The Closys I was able to purchase from an Australian dentist (thefreshbreathclinic.com.au). The Crest paste, Bubblegum ACT and adult Mint ACT from a US website called MedShopExpress I ordered 8 x Crest paste, 3 x Bubblegum ACT & 5 x Adult Mint ACT for about $142 Australian dollars including shipping and my order arrived in about 5 days! So I am using your complete system and my mouth already feels cleaner!

Also, the staining on my 4 1/2 yo daughter’s rear molars looks lighter. She is brushing with the Crest twice a day and rinsing with diluted Bublegum ACT just at night (she can rinse and spit out well) I am thrilled.

With many thanks
South Australia.

Hi S

What great news!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing your shopping information!

We will post this information on our website for others to learn how they can take strong steps forward even in Australia!! MANY thanks for you help!!! Please stay in touch we love hearing feedback from our new friends!


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