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I have a 20 month old with a hole confirmed by the dental hygienist, not dentist. It’s in his D ling tooth. I have him on spry tooth gel after reading your site and just picked up ACT. The hole after brushing isn’t brown or even really discolored. He also has white marks on his front teeth below the gums… 

Since teeth eruption, but the teeth appear strong and smooth. My question is, can this work for him? We have no dental insurance, we also practice attachment parenting and my little guy has never been away from us, so handing him over for general anesthesia or conscious sedation frightens me. We will see a pediatric dentist for a consult just to see what is actually happening, but wanted to get things going before then. In fact his teeth already look better with just xylitol.

We’ve never given him juice, our biggest mistake was dried fruit I believe. I will be getting powdered xylitol but again didn’t have time to order before this visit in a week, do you know the right amount of spry gel to be therapeutic?

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Hi S,

I am not sure exactly the ingredients in Spry gel but I am concerned there may be some sorbitol.
If so, the sorbitol may slow or inactivate the healing process (according to studies).

If it is pure xylitol, then I suggest you apply this gel (or any pure xylitol candies, mints,etc or granular or in solution) at least five times a day. Research shows frequency of xylitol may be more important than the total amount. You may want to put a teaspoon of granular xylitol in a water bottle and let your son sip this during the day, after meals and snacks etc.

Brush his teeth morning and night with a drop of ACT (?Bubblegum flavor) on a clean toothbrush. Make sure to brush the white spots on the front teeth as well as the lingual area that is a problem. The combination of ACT and xylitol will work synergistically together to heal this tooth – but it takes time sometimes up to six months or more.

To me, the location of these “white spots” and his cavity suggest he may have a dry mouth (allergies/sinus/ open mouth breathing) and that the damage may be due to an acidity on his teeth. I do not think this sounds like damage from sugars these are more often seen in the occlusal/top surfaces of molar teeth. You will find many waters and fermented products are very acidic even coconut milk can be acidic for teeth. Your son can still enjoy them but make sure to wash off them off teeth with a little xylitol or some Spry gel. This becomes even more important before a nap or when a baby sleeps with their mouth open.

I hope this is helpful information for you,

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  • Anonymous says:

    What if a 2 year old does have a hole on occlusal surface of a molar (or 2)? Can these be healed with xylitol and ACT?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    There appears to be less "healing" with baby teeth than with adult teeth.Possibly this is because it is more difficult to apply products to a kids tooth – and 2 year olds are not always totally cooperative!It seems much easier to get a hole to heal in an adult molar.Getting complete healing can be more difficult with a baby tooth – and the hole may not go away.However, a small hole is not a problem – providing the cavity infection and bacteria are gone.Xylitol, ozone, and silver are all options to stop the infection.BUT you need to find out what caused the hole in the first place ( ??juice, sweetened milk? sugary foods?)I believe when you have a hole in a baby tooth – it may be best to use a small amount of Crest Cavity Protection paste on the cavity – and this may help more than ACT alone.See if your child will tolerate the flavor – and if not, then use a drop of bubblegum ACT and brush this over the affected tooth.I offer half an hour coaching that could be useful to you if you wanted to discuss this treatment in more detail.www.DrEcoaching.comBest wishes,Ellie

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