Dear Dr. Phillips,

I’m wondering if you would be able to provide a health benefit comparison between Recaldent and xylitol. My dentist would like me to begin Recaldent treatments. 

Also, any thoughts you might have with regard to the following: I am a 20 year old, very health conscious female. I virtually eliminated refined sugar from my diet about 6 years ago and do not enjoy many sweets, other than fresh fruit. I was told that my teeth were ‘perfect’ until one year ago when 13 cavities were discovered via x-ray. The only gum or mints our family uses are Zellies, which we have purchased on-line and we also purchase them at Wegmans.

My dentist is convinced that my problem is the result of opting not to use fluoride products and I’m afraid he wonders if I am a closet sweetaholic!! I brush regularly and floss. I just completed a saliva test and am eager to learn the results, but would be very interested in any thoughts you might have.


Hi H,

The first myth I need to dispel is that sugar is a problem for teeth.

Sugar itself does no harm to teeth sugar only feeds a bacteria in the mouth called Strep.mutans. As Strep. mutans feeds on sugar it produces acids. I doubt that you have a high population of Strep mutans so I think you have acidity from some other reason.

The cause of cavities is acidity. Teeth dissolve in acidity from any source and cavities form.
My guess is that your own saliva may be acidic, perhaps you are sipping healthy juices or flavored water that are acidic, perhaps aggravated by a dry mouth for some reason. I suggest you get my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye and learn more about mouth acidity and how to combat this safely while still enjoying your healthy citrus fruits.

Acidity and dry mouth are the ONLY risks for teeth.

Mouth acidity can be caused by a number of things including stress, medications, hormonal changes, acid reflux, whitening products to whiten teeth, and from non- sugar drinks like lemonade, herbal teas, sports drinks, flavored water, citrus (orange, apple, cranberry, grapefruit) drinks etc, etc. Did you find any things on this list that could be your problem?

If you have any kind of reason for mouth dryness this will make the damage worse.
Dry mouth can be caused by allergies, medications (a side effect) blocked nose from sinus problems etc. or having something like braces etc which opens up your mouth.

Living in a hot climate can also cause mouth dryness but if you are in this area we don’t have desert conditions around here!

I cannot get between you and the advice your dentist has given you.
I can ask the question has anyone seen recaldent work?

If you look at the ingredients in MI paste and recaldent you will find that the main ingredient is derived from milk powder swishing your teeth with milk should be just as effective and a lot less expensive! As far as I know this product has slipped into the marketplace without any RANDOMIZED CLINICAL TRIALS to show that it is effective. I think this is awful, just like the ADA approved Trident and Orbit gum handed out by dentists many unaware that sorbitol in these gums INACTIVATES the benefits of xylitol! Obviously there is money changing hands at higher levels – to the detriment of patients.

I suggest you try the entire system of oral care that I recommend, and you can find lots of detail at

Let me know if you have more questions – but I think if you give yourself six months and follow my regimen very carefully, you will stimulate natural healing and possibly avoid these fillings. My system is based on Evidence Based Dentistry and Caries Management by Risk Assessment.

Best Wishes,
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