Antibiotics Through Breast Milk

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Quick question. My dentist just prescribed me some antibiotics for a sinus infection. My daughter is almost weaned, but still gets a bit of milk here and there. I’m wondering if this is going to completely undo any progress I’ve made with her teeth over the last couple of months? I saw you mention antibiotics on your blog somewhere. How does this bring back the strep bacteria? Don’t you have to come into contact with it?


Hi N,
This is a great question, and I don’t have enough information about the transfer of antibiotics through breast milk, but I think it does.

You could ask your dentist or pharmacist they should be able to tell you this.

If anyone takes a course of antibiotics, they will usually wipe out all their mouth bacteria. This would leave you “at risk” for picking up harmful bacteria again…..but not if you keep on xylitol and my regimen and clean your toothbrushes!!

Xylitol nasal sprays are also very good for sinus problems a company called Xlear makes a great nasal spray…just an idea!

So stick closely to xylitol during this time of being “at risk” and it should protect you and your daughter.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Dr Ellie,Thank you so much for all the great information. I am just getting started on your program and am very hopeful and excited! Curious about something and wondering if you could answer. I had some scaling done on my teeth several months ago. At that time the hygenist used some topical antibiotics under my gums in several places. When I went for a checkup a few months later she wanted to do more of the antibiotic treatments. It's very expensive, so I asked her just to do it in the few worst spots.I have to go again next Wednesday and since I just started your program I'm guessing she will want to do more of those antibiotic treatments. Thinking that maybe I will say no to them and see if your program will clear up any infection.Just wondering what your thought were on this and on topical antibiotic treatments in general.Thank you so much!

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I am sorry that you have had to endure so much treatment.I hope that you have been able to figure out the method of use for the mouth rinses and also how to have enough xylitol each day.Protect your teeth from dryness and from acidity.If you have a problem with nasal breathing – allergies or sinus problems – try also adding a xylitol nasal spray ( Xlear make a great spray that clears the nasal passages).Ensure you have enough mouth xylitol each day – that is very important – also keep your toothbrushes clean and spotless!!Assuming you are doing all of that – I am sure that your periodontal health will quickly improve.You may not show the results next week – but you will very soon!There is a test called an Oral DNA test that can determine if you have oral bacteria – and you could know if you need these antibiotics.The test is about $150 but at least it will give you an answer/result.If you are on a limited budget – you may prefer to get going with my system, see how your teeth feel – and go back for another check up with your dentist in a couple of months – then do the test to check you are healthy.Please let me know how it works out!Ellie

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