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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I have a question. I purchased some pH strips to see if my mouth was still acidic. I’ve been testing at different times during the day and right now my mouth chemistry is in the healthy range because I just finished with my rinses. But during the day my mouth only registers in the 6.0 range even with sipping water with xylitol in it all day and eating the xylitol mints. I only do the rinses twice a day but I’m wondering if I need to add the rinses in the afternoon as well. What do you think? I’d appreciate any guidance you can give me.

Hi L,

What a great question and a concern for almost every woman over the age of 30!

If you are a woman and your saliva routinely tests alkaline you are very lucky. Most of the rest of us will find that our mouth pH is often acidic and this is especially noticed at times of stress.

The important pH number is taken by checking your salivary pH first thing in the morning before you eat, drink or rinse with anything. Test you waking pH and you may find that it is even more acidic( sometimes around 5 or 5.5). Work on this number from a general health point of view because acidity in the body can lead to infection, osteoporosis and other problems besides teeth!!

You may want to look at taking different vitamins or adding mineral supplements.
During times of stress I will increase the vitamins that I take.

I take USA NA personally and a half hour after I have taken them my salivary pH will have become alkaline. Try and find out what raises your pH naturally going for a walk? exercise? yoga? a hot bath? reading a book?

When you find out what makes your saliva alkaline you will have discovered what relaxes your body and does it good. Now you need to build those findings into your daily life: maybe increase your multivitamins take a mid day walk do some yoga in the afternoon.

Yes, you need to protect your teeth from mouth acidity but you also need to realize that body “harmony” creates the acidity that we are fighting in the mouth! My saliva is best when I am on the beach in the sunshine so I value vacation time more than ever.

To combat acidity for your teeth I would take it day at a time and keep an eye on what makes it better. Other foods like dairy (especially cheese can be your to raise pH: Strawberries vegetables celery nuts all help and can be used along with xylitol).

Make sure you are having about 6-10 grams of xylitol a day in 5 or 6 divided doses, there is no need to increase this more. Try experimenting with your body pH and then let’s talk again if you continue to have an issue with this.

Now you can see how vital the rinse system was for your teeth! I am surprised Zellies mints and gum don’t alkalize your mouth well they are usually very good at doing that!

Best Wishes,
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