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Dr. Ellie,

I love your products. I cannot thank you enough for the improvements, in our teeth, using your complete system. I just had a couple of questions about xylitol products and use. We love your gum, mints and xylitol and are faithful users of them. My boys like suckers and candy, like most kids .

I was just wondering about Dr. John’s xylitol suckers and candy www.drjohns.com . I was wondering if you would recommend them or if you think it would be better to let them have regular candy once in a while and just follow it with your mints, etc.? I was thinking the suckers might be a great addition to our program. However, I was not familiar with all the ingredients and what was safe for healthy teeth or if xylitol is created differently with different companies. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much for the awesome dental advice and products. We’re overwhelmed with the difference your products have made in our dental health and appearance.

P.S. Is it correct that the bulk bags should be back in stock this week? I emailed last week and they said you would be receiving them this week. Thanks!

Hi M,

Thanks so much for your message.
I would love to make a 100 percent xylitol sucker but so far no luck with this we tried ( see below).

I know Dr. John and his products he is a very nice person. The difference between us is that Dr. John has believed (like many dentists ) that non-sugar artificial sweeteners are OK and better for teeth. I disagree with this view (both from a dental and general health standpoint).

I have nothing good to say about artificial sweeteners ( like sorbitol and aspartame). Personally, I will not put an artificial sweetener in my body or give it to kids.

I believe that regular sugar is preferable to artificial sweeteners. I would suggest you get a sugar pop (at a health food store or “old fashioned” pop made before the advent of artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn sugar).

After the sucker then have a Zellie!!

Sugar does not harm teeth sugar’s problems come from energizing cavity forming bacteria in plaque I doubt you have any in your mouth!!!

We asked Dr. John to create a Zellies sucker FOR us sometime last year. We decided on pomegranate flavor all natural and, as far as I know, this may be his ONLY product that is 100 percent xylitol without artificial sweeteners. The pop tasted great and we almost went ahead but discovered the pop melts. Xylitol draws in water and this spoiled the quality of the pop. It was still good to eat but created too many storage problems for us.

Maybe in an airtight Tupperware container these pops would be fine!!! If you order some and discover how to keep them at least several months please let me know.
It was a really good product.

So my advice don’t order without checking OTHER ingredients in his products. I suggest avoid artificial sweeteners and remember sorbitol inactivates the benefits of xylitol (there are studies to show this).

Sugary products followed by Zellies will not harm your teeth if you are a regular consumer of xylitol because you have no plaque bacteria to damage your teeth.

Hope this helps
This was a great question.


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