Cleaning a Retainer

How do you recommend cleaning retainers? I have one which has the wire across the teeth and one mouthguard type retainer.

Thanks for your help!


Hi J,

The most important thing is to use my Complete Mouth Care System to keep your teeth strong and clean ( plenty of xylitol exposures during the day!!!)

While you have your removable retainer out of your mouth, you can brush it with the toothpaste and then dip in dilute Listerine for a minute while you finish up your rinsing routine.Wash the Listerine off your retainer thoroughly don’t leave Listerine on your retainer for more than a minute.

If you already have a “dirty” removable retainer you could get some denture cleaner and soak your appliance for an hour or two rinse off really, really well and then brush it , disinfect it with Listerine and rinse before you put it back in your mouth. Now it will be squeaky clean for you!!!

For the wire that is stuck on your teeth use my rinse routine making sure to “squish” the Listerine in and out between your teeth think of it as “liquid floss.” Always use ACT after you spit out the Listerine just as explained in my program …..

Good luck and remember that Zellies mints are great for people with mouth appliances and braces. The fruit ones are delicious and the mint ones are great breath fresheners. Drinking some xylitol in water is another way to get your 5+ xylitol exposures each day and a way to help rinse food off your teeth safely. Take a bottle with you, and use this xylitol water as a mouth rinse after lunch!!

Let me know if you have any other questions,

Best Wishes,
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