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Hi Ellie,

I am in the UK, and have been using your system for just over a month now initially only the rinses (Closys, Listerine and ACT) as I could not get hold of ‘proper’ xylitol. Fortunately my order for mints and gums (from your website) has now arrived many thanks! For the last week or so I’ve been using them too after each meal, as well as sipping water from a bottle, with 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon of granulated xylitol (Perfect Sweet) dissolved in it. I have also been using the G.U.M. Periobalance (probiotic) lozenges each evening just after brushing and rinsing, for over a month now. I am delighted to say that I have definitely noticed a huge difference to my teeth. They now feel much cleaner throughout the day and I am aware that my breath is a lot fresher. I’ve also noticed people are no longer ‘backing away’ when I speak, so that is a massive improvement for me, I would even say life-changing…. after literally years of suffering.

Thank you so much for helping everyone with your advice. I am also going to order a copy of your book from Amazon UK, as I would really like to understand more fully how this system works. My tongue can still feel pretty ‘cotton-woolly’ at times, however, and most mornings (and late evenings) it can still be quite coated with a whitish lining. I usually try to remove this with a tongue-scraper…. I was wondering if perhaps this will start to improve too, but at a later stage?If I discover anywhere in the UK where I can buy the mints or gums easily, I will of course let you know (for other UK users).

Best wishes,

Hi JB,

I am delighted you discovered us and that we have helped you improve your oral health without even looking in your mouth! Ha!!

Xylitol has a “time line” which seem to be replicated closely providing you are following the ‘directions”. (This means make sure you have enough each day and that you have about 5 separate exposures every day). Frequency may be the most important feature of using xylitol.

Any 100 percent xylitol product is good just avoid any sorbitol in the “xylitol” products you eat look at ingredients closely sorbitol inactivates benefits of xylitol.

The time line is as follows( you may want to put marks on a calendar to remind yourself what to expect)
5 weeks – teeth are “clean”
6 months – your saliva, skin of your mouth and tongue will be “clean” from a bacterial point of view!
Now your tongue will stop being a problem to you and you will start to see your teeth begin to shine!

1 year – teeth seem brighter and whiter
2 years – people ask “who is your dentist” “are your teeth real” “I want veneers like yours!” ( These are actual comments made to my “patients”)

Good luck and please check back with us we love progress reports!!
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