Xylitol & Breastfeeding

Hi Dr Ellie

I have been researching xlitol and its saftey and I have run into some differing opinions if it is safe to take while breastfeeding. I am still breastfeeding my 12 month old daughter and I would like for my whole family to start on the system but I am a little worried about: a) taking xylitol while breastfeeding and giving it to her at the same time. Could that be too much for her? b) are all the mouth rinses also safe for me to use? I have had a problem my whole life with cavities despite my best efforts (I brush twice a day floss once) and I would really like to start off on the right foot with my daughter. Also could you please suggest a routine for her? It is difficult to get in her mouth for a good clean.Thank you so much in advance!

Hi A,

The way xylitol works for teeth is directly in the mouth. When xylitol touches bad bacteria on teeth, it makes plaque less sticky and unable to grow. You would get benefits from xylitol if you just swish it around your teeth and spit out. Xylitol is safe to eat and has health benefits but if it makes you more comfortable, feel free to start by swishing it around your mouth and spit out!

New research shows that it is FREQUENCY of xylitol exposure that is important. You can make a solution of xylitol by dissolving granular xylitol in water and use it as a tooth wash after meals, snacks and during the day and night.

You can clean a child’s mouth in the same way frequent small exposures to xylitol by wiping a little of this solutions on her teeth. Or, you can use Zellies fruit mints she will be able to eat them from about 14 months; now you could crush them to give to younger kids. They are delicious. You can also dissolve xylitol in water or milk as a drink. All the family should be exposing their teeth to xylitol daily.

The CWT mouth rinse routine is for adult teeth teens with adult teeth and anyone older.
Young children do not need this mouth rinse system.

If your child shows damage on her teeth you will need to expose her teeth twice a day to a little dilute fluoride (ACT) in addition to xylitol. For a small kid, I suggest bubblegum ACT, and brush or use a Q tip to swab or brush over the teeth. It is the combination of xylitol and dilute fluoride that heals teeth.

For you – I suggest the Complete Mouth Care Kit sold on our website.
This will ensure you will have all the correct tools you need to improve your oral health!

Once you are happy using this system you can search local drug and grocery stores for deals on the items we recommend…..ACT is often on sale in Target, Listerine, and Closys is available in Walgreen Stores often on sale! Crest Regular paste is sometimes in Sam’s and BJs or Dollar Stores: just make sure you don’t get the kind with added chemicals You must have EXACT ingredients for this “recipe” or other kinds of rinse or paste may stop the healing process.

Best Wishes and good luck let me know how things go as your daughter’s teeth begin to erupt!
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