Teeth Guards and Dry Mouth

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Thank you again for all your help a while ago!! In the mean time I have read parts of your book as well it is excellent.I have overcome most of my fears about the products by now (!!)…… and I see how this program is improving the health of my mouth and teeth so much. In my many years on this planet it is the single most empowering thing I have come across in this area!!I will have a scheduled cleaning in a few weeks I can hardly wait what the dental hygienist will say. She mentioned Xylitol (she knew of the Spry products etc.) to me and encouraged me to look into it. That’s how I then found you.

Today I have a question about protecting myself while having to wear a night-guard. What can I do to not interrupt/disturb the progress I have been making with your program??? Is the guard going to present a problem in your eyes?My bite is problematic…..long story….!! I am clenching/bruxing and wake up sometimes with soreness in some areas, etc. My first days into wearing the guard have been quite difficult. I am willing to see if it will work but am also “freaked out” at the moment and part of me just wants to run.

Is there anything you can say? I would appreciate it so much.

My very best wishes to you and once again: Merci infiniment!


Hi M,

Je vous en pris!! You are welcome and welcome to any advice I can offer!

First and foremost I am thrilled that you are on my program. It is devices like night guards and orthodontic appliances that often cause dry mouth and add stress for teeth. You are well prepared, and I would suggest you continue night and morning with your rinse routine and xylitol during the day.

During the day, Zellies mints will be great for you to nibble. I would also suggest a bottle of water into which you dissolve one packet of granular xylitol (one teaspoon) each day. Shake up the bottle to dissolve the xylitol and use this to sip and swish around your mouth at intervals.This xylitol water will moisten your mouth and keep your teeth clean. Ask your dentist how best to clean your mouth guard – usually you can use toothpaste to clean it, and then rinse off.Make sure that ACT is the last thing you spit out before you insert your bite guard. Your teeth will then be protected night and morning with the ACT residue over them. This will be good.

I hope your dental appointment goes well don’t get derailed by new products they suggest to you!!! Maybe your dentist would like to read Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye most dentists are happy about this book it is simply the truth about teeth! Thanks for your message. I am happy when I help someone overcome “out of control” feelings about dental disease.

Best Wishes, and please send me a progress report when you have been on the system for a year (this is a magical time!!) sometime around August.

Thanks again and bonne nuit!

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Rochester, NY 14623

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