Harmful or Helpful?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I heard you on the radio talk show this week and I was encouraged by some of what you said. However, in researching the product recommendations, I was disappointed. First of all, anything that tastes like Clorox is chlorine-highly toxic substance. I get sick even if someone opens the bottle of bleach 50 ft. away.

There are so many other antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic options that I bet would work as well and are not harmful to people or the planet.

I make my own mouthwash rinse with herbs and essential oils. Periodent products from Nature’s Answer are amazing. (Recommended by many dentists) I highly recommend you look into these products for your recommendations instead of chemically laden, not disclosed ingredients, mass market product lines.

I really do not like to get anything done in the dentist’s office. I have never felt like they know what they are doing because every time I have even a small cavity filled they screw something up. I have been to several dentists in all price ranges, holistic and not, and have the best results when I stay away from the dentist and do my own oral preventative program.

I would never use a chlorine or fluoride rinse, no matter how good it worked. I hope that you can expand your scope of knowledge and really look at what it is you are recommending. They are harmful substances made by big corporations who are polluting our bodies and the environment with the manufacturing practices.


Hi PM:

Thank you so much for your message and I really do understand where you are coming from.

In your situation I would advise you to look closely at xylitol as an adjunct to what you are already comfortable using. I also think you would enjoy most of my book plenty of general learning in it, even if you dislike the rinses and toothpaste that I recommend!

The reason that I recommend these specific products is because I had many years treating disabled patients. I discovered that four specific products, used in a sequence along with xylitol , could heal any kind of dental disease gum problems and cavities every time no matter what age the patient or the reason for their problems. It was like a miracle and it would end ongoing problems within a couple of months.

I get almost daily, messages from people who have had a lifetime of bad dental problems, who for the first time have relief often within weeks.

I agree that there may be other products that would work, but it took me 35 years to be confident that my advice would heal every time! I don’t have the money for a clinical trial and cannot recommend products that simply sound as if they will work. I have to know what I am recommending will be effective, every time and give results that will continue year after year after year!

Thanks for your message. I hope you understand that I am simply trying to help the many people with dental problems who need help! You obviously have far more knowledge of healing than most people and I respect there may be other methods to reverse dental disease, but at this time I do not have this knowledge.

Best Wishes and thanks for listening to the radio show last week!


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