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I started using a mouth rinse (ACT Total Care, specifically) fairly recently, and things have been going well so far. I recently read, however, that the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate present in my toothpaste (Tom’s of Maine Anticavity) may be counteracting the effect of the mouth rinse if I use them within an hour of one another. I’m trying to make sure that the mouth rinse is the last thing in my mouth before bed, but as I work nights and have a rather unusual daily schedule, it can be difficult some nights to brush a full hour before bed so as to accommodate this. Is what I read about SLS accurate, or is it still beneficial to use the rinse shortly after brushing? I have no complaints against my toothpaste otherwise; indeed, it’s one of the few I find palatable.

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Good question – but the answer is a bit complicated!

The rinses and pastes you see on store shelves represent a chemistry lab of chemicals! Everyone needs to realize that nobody knows all the possible interactions of one rinse /toothpaste will cause with another.

This is why the combination of products I recommend are supported by over 20 years of recommendation, personal use, family use, thousands of amazing success stories many verified by dentists, and supported by basic biochemistry (explained in my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye which is a simple read).

The products I recommend are old fashioned products with minimal additives. These products show by their results that they work harmoniously together something you FEEL after only a first few times of using my system.

I am aware of Toms of Maine paste (the company is now owned by Colgate). I am not a fan of any Total care products. This is a product made by combining two of the rinses I suggest made into one! I prefer you use Listerine followed by ACT anticavity rinse.

When they mix these rinses and make them one, they dilute the benefits that you would get (using one rinse followed by the other).

I do not recommend ACT Total care in my program – except in an emergency! ( I guess it is better than nothing – but not nearly as good as Listerine followed by ACT Anticavity). As for toothpaste I only recommend Crest Regular paste. This paste works in harmony with these rinses. Have you tried this paste?

How did I “create” this process? It occurred over time, working with patients and later taking graduate dental programs throughout the 1980s and 1990s. I was interested to learn about oral care products and did a lot of reading about them. I had been a clinical dentist for many years so what I read was very relevant to me.

With the internet and writing my book, I continued to try products, listen to patients, look at results and research for improved products to recommend. With over a decade of testing and trying I continue to recommend my specific selection of products used in a specific order.
The results are seen and felt quickly you will be amazed!

You need to combine the rinse routine with daily xylitol check my website for details:

Thanks so much for your question.

I know that night work makes oral care more of a challenge I used to see this with patients who worked peculiar shifts xylitol (Zellies mints and gum) could be a great help to you.

Oral health is so important I hope you will consider trying the kit then you will be able to take empty bottles to the store and match them when you run out. Having EXACTLY the right products is essential for full benefits of the system I recommend!

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