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Dr Ellie,

Thank you for your quick response about my patient. I will ask him to make sure he is doing all that is necessary. I am just so pleased that he has shown this much improvement. I have even moved a couple of my perio maint patients from 3 month recalls to 4 month and we are working together to make it 6 month and possibly back to healthy mouth cleanings. How can we get this information out to schools? Where do we start? I believe that these mints should be in our school vending machines and on elementary school lunch trays. Day care centers should have xylitol snacks before naptime. Are there any bad effects of xylitol other than the occasional upset stomach? People need to be aware of the benefits. It is amazing!


Hi C S,

I am so happy that you are finding this system useful for patients.
I like the fact that when someone has discovered the “tools” to use how easy the process is to follow, year after year.

Walgreens sells all the rinses needed or people can shop around for deals ( in places like Target etc) But Closys is only on line or in Walgreens. Actually, as a health professional, you may be able to purchase Closys through your dental supply company – and sell to patients yourself.
We carry the 64 oz ( half gallon jugs) for our regulars convenient and a savings for them.
64 oz Closys is only available through the company or dental supply houses.

I have a very short downloadable instruction booklet on the website or we can send you a bunch of booklets to hand out to patients for a small charge let me know.

It would be great if you marked your patient folders “Zellies patients” and check the progress over the years. It is only by documentation and wider acceptance that we will stimulate the companies involved to promote these “old” products. Most of these companies prefer to sell their NEW and IMPROVED (Ha!) pastes and rinses (most likely because of the profit margins certainly not because they are better).

Without big company backing it is hard to change things. I work one person at a time.

I believe we must insist that dental health education changes and becomes centered on Evidence Based FACTS.

Currently the literature (brush and floss and visit your dentist oral health) is not based on hard science, this does not address CAMBRA and risk factors and moreover is not factual (no Evidence Based studies show flossing stops cavities how can it in an acidic mouth?)
Nevertheless these concepts sell toothbrushes and floss! Often dental professionals suggest products that do more harm to patients than good (see the whitening and baking soda products out there?????)

So nice to hear from you I hope you will stay with me on this pathway!
We CAN change dentistry but it may take time!

Best Wishes,
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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