My 32 year old daughter has been using Xylitol products for a couple of years now, and has been “cavity-free” supposedly in all that time. However, she went yesterday for her yearly check-up and was told she had one back tooth that is pre-cavity. Or could easily get a cavity.

Now, they did not do anything with it, nor did they give her advice on how to take care of it and they told her they’d see her in 6 months. In other words they did not seem too worried.

Is this something she needs to be concerned about?

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Hi Nita,

OK then my suggestion is she use my Complete Mouth Care System as described on

We sell a introductory kit that is the best way to start. Once you have the kit you can purchase refills locally in Walgreens and other grocery and drug stores. The materials you need are basic o-t-c products BUT it is vital to GET THE RIGHT RINSES AND TOOTHPASTE!!!

You need EXACTLY the correct products and if by chance you buy the wrong toothpaste (say one with tartar control, or sensitive paste by mistake) this system will be blocked by the wrong ingredient and it will not work.

You need to use the rinses twice a day and xylitol after every meal, snack and drink.
Then the cavity has a very good chance not only of getting smaller but going away altogether.

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