Xylitol and Dogs

Hi Ellie,

Below is an email I received about Xylitol and dogs after a conversation I had with a friend. You may want to look into having more warning messages on your products.


This is Bizarre. I heard yesterday morning about a student’s dog that had to go to emergency because it ate Sugarless Gum with Xylitol. I’d never heard before that it was poisonous for dogs. At around 6 pm yesterday, My wife asked our daughter why she left gum wrappers all over. We discovered the dog ate about 10 pieces. We had to make her vomit and get her to emergency.

We have every reason to believe she’ll be fine and will come home today, but if I hadn’t heard the story in the morning we might have done nothing and she might have even died. Thank God I heard the story in the

Tell friends with pets to keep Xylitol away from them!

Hi JH,

Thanks for the reply I have heard stories like this and I explain (along with various other foods) xylitol is worth keeping from your pets. Interestingly xylitol is an ingredient in many dog toothpastes so probably small amounts are OK but I am not a vet!

In most stories the product was a huge amount of xylitol (one dog ate 1/2 pound of xylitol) and other stories involve commercial gum that contains mainly sorbitol.

I would not recommend sorbitol for a human or a dog!

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