Dr. Phillips,

My wife and I were in Rochester visiting my parents about a year ago and we went to your restaurant where you explained Zellies and the mouth care system to us. I have been doing the entire process faithfully since then and my teeth and mouth have felt great.

I wanted to ask you a question about something I noticed. All my life I have gotten cold sores maybe 5 to 12 a year. Since I started on the Zellies program I have not had any. Do you think it is a coincidence or could there be a connection?

Thanks for everything. My parents are on their way to visit us in DC and I am having them stop by to load up on the new gum (I really like the spearmint and the cinnamon flavors).


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your message. I am delighted to hear that you like Zellies and the system has helped your teeth so much!

I think the impact of good oral health is seriously underestimated. In our restaurant we rarely have staff who are sick, very few sore throats and this report covers twenty years! Is this a coincidenceor is it the clean and healthy mouths we all enjoy?

The other fact, I believe, is that many oral care products have negative effects on teeth and the mucosa of mouths. I dislike the additives for whitening, tartar control and the new line of pro-health by Crest. I know of so many people who have had sensitivity, pain and sores from these oral care products.

I believe my system creates a healthy oral ecosystem which allows gums, teeth and everything else to remain healthy year after year.

Thanks so much for your message. I love to get progress reports from people I have met!

By the way, you may enjoy my book that was just released on Amazon Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye!

Best Wishes,
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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