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Dr. Ellie,

I spoke with you and emailed with you several times during the past year. I have so appreciated your insight and products.

My daughter, has her top front four teeth affected by some decay. We first realized it about a year ago. Shortly after that, one of her teeth broke off.

That is when we really begain using xylitol, etc.

Kalina is now 2 1/2. We brush her teeth at least 3 times a day. (We usually tend to brush with a xylitol product Spry gel or Squigle toothsaver.) She uses xylitol (gums, mints, or toothbrushing) after each meal/snack/drink. (Of course there are times when she is left with someone not sure if they are as vigilant. But usually this is the protocol.) Her toothbrush is rinsed in Listerine after each brush – she has several toothbrushes, we alternate using them. We also use Act. Kalina is an amazing rinser for her age we have begun to let her swish after brushing teeth.

Last March we travelled to have ozone done on her teeth we have kept up with her care. We do use MI paste some I go back and forth on my thoughts about. But the dentist who did the ozone is a big believer in it.

A few months ago, I thought maybe the broken tooth was worse panicked. Took her to a pediatric dentist in our area that we like. She had no active decay! We were so happy.

Beginning of December, Kalina went to pediatric dentist for a check up. Again, all looked good!

A couple of weeks later, while biting corn on the cob, Kalina said “OW” and seemed quite upset that her tooth hurt. I was very concerned. After a few days, I decided that she had burnt herself on the corn and that was the reason.

But, she has continued to say “ow”. when biting with front teeth. Seems to be worsening. This week I took a really good look. The back of her front tooth seems to have a brown “pit” in it. I gently touched with a safety pin seemed “soft” to me. So, I am thinking active decay-

I truly do not understand. For one reason, all seemed good just a couple of weeks before the initial “ow” episode.

For another, we are fairly vigilant with brushing, xylitol, etc.

I take her to the pediatric dentist next week. Not sure what they will suggest or what I will agree to.

Have begun considering the journey for another ozone treatment.

Since there seems to be pain involved, I don’t know how much time we have something has to be done- I really want to avoid any kind of “crown” scenario.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Once there is pain with decay, will a filling help? How much of an advantage would ozone before a filling be? (Keeping in mind it is a plane trip)

I look forward to anything you might be able to share. If calling is easier, feel free to do so. Hoping all is well with you. Congrats on the book I will be ordering soon!



My advice is crisp and clear I think you need to think about the following:

Your daughter must have at least 6 grams of xylitol each day or this infection will not be eradicated. Xylitol exposures must be at least 5 times a day have a little after anything she eats or drinks.

You may want to get granular xylitol and dissolve it in water to let her sip during the day as a kind of tooth wash. In addition, I suggest Zellies fruit mints they are delicious and kids love them. I don’t usually become brand specific but my mints work and it appears the xylitol you have been using is not effective enough.

Cavities are caused by a bacterial infection without the infection cavities will not happen teeth will not get worse.

You need to use ACT bubblegum rinse on your daughter’s toothbrush each day to brush over all her teeth. It is the combination of ACT and xylitol that will help heal and strengthen her teeth.

The entire family should be on this program. If you or another caretaker even other children have disease bacteria in their mouths they can get passed to Kalina in a kiss or when sharing food. I suggest the entire family gets on this program of oral health.

Toothbrushes: rinse out in Listerine, wash under the running tap water and then allow to dry between uses. Store away from the toilet area.

If you do this you will reverse the situation. Ozone is a help to eradicate bacteria but it does not stop you from re-infection. MI paste is made from milk powder.

If you are deciding where to spend money I return to my suggestions. They will work if you ensure your daughter has at least 6.5 grams of xylitol each day and that this is at least 5 separate exposures different times during the day after meals is best.

Good luck and I hope this is helpful for you.


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  • Dear Dr. Ellie, Your work is an answer to my prayers. I am 60, but have lost all of my bottom molars over the years even though I have been "very good", flossing, getting teeth cleaned, etc. My teeth are so sensitive I can't eat fruit, or drink cold liquids. I have been feeling like a very old lady who is going to lose all of her teeth.But not now! I am so excited. I just bought your book and have read half of it already. I went to purchase all of your recommendations, and this is where I have questions:1) all of the ACT I found had sorbitol. Is that ok? Will the sodium flouride override the sorbitol problems?2) I can't find Crest original anywhere. There are a dozen Crest toothpastes, but not that one. Does it have another name?3) I am doing homeopathy….and have been able to avoid mint except for the Listerine…it has strong eucalyptus and mint which some homeopathic doctors say will antidote the remedy. Do you have any experience with this? Others say it will not be a problem so it is confusing.4) My hygienist had told me to use hydrogen peroxide to rinse my mouth and I have done so for some time . Of course I have stopped now, but am concerned.5) I love the xylitol!6) Because of the concern re Listerine above, I have been rinsing with the Natural Dentist rinse…it is more expensive, but until I can be sure that my remedy won't be antidoted I am in a bit of a bind. Several of its components have clinical studies that they work against strep mutans, but I don't know if this formula is actually helping.7) Because I have lost my chewing molars, I am in the process of getting a partial. The dentist says that he has to score some of my remaining teeth so that the partial will stay put in my mouth. Is this a bad idea? But what else can I do. I am not digestingas well without chewing teeth.Thanks again. I am telling my entire family and all o f my friends about you and your book.I am not sure how I will know if you have answered this but I will check back.Thanks again.Warmly,June

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Hi June,I am sorry that you have already suffered so much.Be aware that it takes time to get your mouth back to health – but my system works fast – if you use it correctly!If you are having trouble finding the products that you need – we sell kits on the website -for this exact reason – to help people get started with the correct products.The problem with mixing or using other kinds of products is that this is not going let you experience the same outcome.You will only get the results I talk about if you use my system exactly as recommended.There are a lot of opinions out there – so you will find that most dentists have their own suggestions.One question I would ask anyone- is whether or not they use the product themselves – plus – how are their own teeth?Many health professionals recommend things to you – things that they do not use themselves!Many times these recommendations are new products – just on the market – and they have samples from the company for you to try.I am passionate and convinced about the benefits of the system I recommend.Hope this helps,Ellie

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