Citrus Listerine

Dr. Ellie,

Listerine has changed the formula on their Citrus flavor and it is no longer ADA certified, should we switch to another flavor?

Thanks, S

Dear S:

Yes, I would be concerned about ANY Listerine without an ADA shield of acceptance on the label.

When Listerine came out with the white bottle of whitening Listerine, I called the American Dental Association to ask how it could be allowed on the store shelves. If someone has a risk for cancer it is possible this rinse could promote oral cancer (it is called a co-carcinogen).

The ADA replied they had no control over the product because it was classified as a cosmetic.
They explained to me that they DID NOT GIVE THIS Whitening Listerine rinse THEIR SEAL OF ACCEPTANCE.

So…….be warned and please, warn others.

My suggestions is to use ONLY Listerine with a shield of acceptance on the label. I use the regular Original, and my kids use the Cool Mint always followed by ACT original anticavity rinse.

If these rinses are too strong, you can dilute to taste they will be safe and effective, even diluted.

Please tell others about the whitening rinses they are very bad products.



As a dentist, I have been sent lots of Listerine whitening rinse samples which I refuse to give away or use. I find them very good sink and toilet cleaners.

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