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Hello Dr. Ellie,

I have spoken with you before with questions about my son’s dental care, which was very helpful. I now have a question about using xylitol for my whole family. I see on your website that you state that the benefits are greatest if you consume 6 to 10 grams per day. If we are not consuming that much, but just use the mints or gum once or twice a day, or not at all on some days, will we still get a benefit from using it? Would it still help to clean our teeth whenever we use it?

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Hi M,
If you are a “reader” I would recommend my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

It is a simple two-day read – written for the everyone to help explain HOW my suggested mouth rinse routine and xylitol work. If you read the chapter on xylitol it would be helpful to you – to understand how xylitol works.

Basically xylitol “melts” plaque each time you use it. The plaque bacteria absorb it into their system, and this makes plaque less sticky on your teeth. Then, with a good tooth cleaning routine you will clean more plaque off your teeth.

However, plaque grows again quickly – and especially in acidic or dry mouth conditions.

If you eat a couple of grams of xylitol each day it will benefit your teeth (it also stimulates an alkaline mouth and helps repair teeth) plus it will help limit plaque. Is this is ENOUGH? The answer depends on how “infected” your mouth is and other “risk factors” that are specific to YOU.

Risk factors are the “things” that cause disease in your mouth – cavities and gum disease.
The main risk factors are dry mouth, acidic saliva, stress, a job that involves talking ..soda..etc…etc. (many, many different things)

Oral health is the balance between healing your mouth and things that cause damage. The scale MUST tip towards healing – but I don’t know how much is on the other side of the scale for YOU (the bad risk factors for YOU ).

My system assumes lots of risk factors. If you were my patient we could talk for about fifteen minutes and figure out your list of risk factors. Since I cannot do this with everyone on the internet, I ASSUME the worst – and give you a program that will work – for everyone!

If you have an alkaline, moist mouth, drink alkaline drinks, eat a great diet and have very clean toothbrushing conditions (and a healthy family/spouse) – you may not need so much assistance to keep the scale balanced on the side of health. If you live under stress, travel in hotel bathrooms and drink orange juice all day – then you need more xylitol.

I hope this understands the delicate answer – it depends on balance. Why not add a small packets of xylitol to your drinking water each day – and sip this for 4 more grams of xylitol each day?

Also, are you using my system of tooth cleaning and mouth care?

Best Wishes and thanks for your question,

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  • Hello, I have had very severe dental problems. I have 4 implants, more bridges than Manhattan, several extracted teeth,and a partial removable bridge with 4 teeth on it. I have had periodontal surgery 4 times and have spent enough $ on my mouth to have bought a European luxury car. I go to a dentist every 3 months, to a periodontist every 3 months,-have for many many years- do very careful cleaning twice a day but continue to see my oral health deteriorate. Just lost an incisor due to a cracked root. Crown lengthening procedure plus false tooth with post (posts broke twice over 18 mos)did not save tooth. Is it too late for me or can xylitol still help?John in Hamilton

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Hi John, It is NEVER too late. In fact I really apologize that I have taken so long to encourage you to get started! However, you must follow my directions and get on my Complete Mouth Care Program completely – understanding and following my instructions.I would be happy to talk with you on the phone to ensure that you "get" the most important components of the system.I worry that my written instructions are not clear enough – and since using these rinses is like making a cake – we need you to understand the recipe – if you don't get it right – we will not bake the cake we want! I would love to help you – at no charge.Dentistry has sucked enough $$ out of your pockets – and I am delighted to empower you and make you healthier. You MUST do this – for the sake of your general health.You MUST keep as many teeth as you can – and obviously you are now aware that you have a progressive destructive disease. I can help and I will call you as soon as I ca if you let me have a number! Ellie http://www.zellies.com26 Corporate WoodsRochester, NY 14623(585) 272-1270

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