Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: Pheonominal Book

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I just received your book. Congratulations on a phenomenal book. Loved, loved, loved it! You mentioned hate mail; I hope you don’t have to face that now that the book is out; and I hope you are able to get on the major TV networks as this information is so important for our nation’s health and financial well-being. I wonder if you have that delightful English accent :=)
PS. Your system stopped the sensitivity at the grooves at the top of tooth enamel (which I had thought were caused by the sharp instruments digging too deeply to remove calculus from some of my teeth). However, the sensitivity returned after I began to eat a particular mildly tart kind of apple that is a hybrid of the Delicious and those green tart ones. I guess the apples you refer to in the book are not tart? I won’t buy those anymore until complete healing but you mention fluoride varnish to repair the grooves; is that something that can be bought over the counter?


Hi P,

Thanks for your message.

This book has been a life work part of it describes my journey into dentistry and the unusual path I walked as a dentist.

I would really appreciate if you had time to put a review on Amazon it helps others sort out overpriced garbage books from the ones that can help. I would very much appreciate this.

As for the apple simply eat some xylitol/Zellies after the fruit it immediately takes away the acidity and will return minerals to your teeth.

Wishing you a healthy 2010!

Best Wishes

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  • DDS Phillips,You state in your book that you need to use Closys to neutralize the pH in your mouth so that your teeth wont be too soft when you brush them. Do your teeth reharden in the short time that this implies (1 minute, then brush)?Thank you,James

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I don't have any way to tell you the exact mechanism.I know that this works for people who have very acidic mouths – and stops their damage.It also works to stop teeth being stained in the case of wine drinkers etc.

  • Dear Dr. EllieI have been following your program for about a year. My dentist said my teeth are great as a result. Thank you. However, I have recently been reading Jerry Tennant, MD, who says that fluoride is bad because it aggressively pushes out the iodine we need, resulting in iodine deficiency, leading to hypothyroidism and other problems. So I am concerned about the ACT anti-cavity fluoride rinse. Please comment. Thank you.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I have written a chapter on fluoride in my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.I agree that we should take fluoride OUT of our drinking water supplies ( if it is added artificially) and that children should NOT be given fluoride supplements or strong gels at the dentist.I agree that in excess there are problems with fluoride – and the public need to KNOW where fluoride really is.Baby formula is one example of a dangerous place for fluoride – also iced teas.I am aware of the negative impact of fluoride. I gave my now 32 year old daughter too much fluoride as an infant – and she has brown front teeth.I selected fluoride as a thesis subject in graduate school – and have done a lot of reading since then.The truth is that we should NOT be consuming this – but rinsing with a very DILUTE solution ( which you spit out ) since it will add tremendous dental benefits.In a perfect world you may not need any fluoride – but if you already have cavities or fillings or gum disease – a good fluoride rinse will help you avoid fillings (toxic) treatments ( may be harmful) and the damage to the body that dental problems of all kinds can cause. We have to sort out an balance dangers – not just jump at one word " fluoride".I have described my analysis in great detail in the chapter below:Here is a link to my chapter of my book: this helps explain my position.I suggest you keep on the system – but spit out well at the end of the rinse BUT DON"T rinse off with water or you will negate the benefits.Ellie

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